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Thursday, 05 January 2012 13:39

Worth a Look - January 2012

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biojouvanceBio Jouvance Paris now re-invents Bio Advance Skin Repair with their exclusive Gammotherapy and the technological breakthrough known as the Biogaphyt™ concept. This treatment reduces signs of aging, and past skin damages caused by every environmental assault. 800-272-1716, www.biojouvance.com or RR # 128




dermalogicaThis newly reformulated Skin Hydrating Masque for dermalogica® contains a unique cross-linked hyaluronic acid which traps moisture to deliver time-released hydration for lasting suppleness while glasswort (Salicornia Herbacea) improves cellular lipid production. 310-900-4040, www.dermalogica.com or RR# 106



eminenceThe Herbal Recovery Oil by Éminence Organic Skin Care® is a facial oil for all skin types including sensitive skins. This toning and hydrating oil was created with herbs and nourishing oils to soothe and renew sensitive and aging skin. Age-defying clary sage and balancing ylang ylang combine with olive and sesame oil for a radiant complexion. 888-747-6342, www.eminenceorganics.com or RR# 165


equaveEquavie’s Detox supplement is the solution to combat the harmful effects that stress, pollution and poor eating habits have on the body. These factors lead to a build-up of toxins that exhaust the body and disrupt its balance each day. These effects are visible on the skin in the form of a dull complexion, imperfections, shininess, uneven texture, etc. Equavie Detox was specially formulated to help restore healthy, flawless skin by deep-cleansing and encouraging epidermal healing. 888-378-2843, www.equavieusa.com or RR# 122

france-laureFrance Laure’s Ultime Jeunesse Night Cream treats, slows and prevents the signs of aging. Skin will be hydrated, supple, soft, bright, redefined, wrinkles and expression lines are attenuated. This cream activates cellular renewal and helps the skin preserve its firmness. Furthermore, the physiological structure of lipids in the form of matrices, designed to mimic skin itself, make it act younger. 800-361-1361, www.francelaure.com or RR# 213


glymedCell Protection Balm from GlyMed Plus® is a concentrated, powerfully effective, all-purpose balm and skin shield. This multi-functioning balm instantly soothes and calms skin post peel and laser procedures. Additionally, it helps relieve extra-dry skin and chapped lips, rashes, scrapes, burns and insect bites. The balm contains moisture magnet humectants that draw water into the skin and emollients to soothe skin and replace lipids. 801-798-0390, www.glymedplus.com or RR# 174

institutdermedTransform skin’s future with the Institut’ DERMed Vital A Serum. This powerful anti-aging treatment formula assists in new cell growth for an incredibly youthful complexion. This serum is formulated with Glycolic Acid Polymer 2% that will increase desquamation to refine the skin’s surface, and L-Retinol 3% to promote the normalization of epithelial desquamation reducing cellular cohesion. The glycolic will increase the penetration of the L-retinol, stimulating new cell growth, strengthening the collagen and elastin support network and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. 770-454-7788, www.idermed.com or RR# 162

muradSoothing Skin, Lip and Cuticle Care by Murad Hybrids® rejuvenates and conditions dry, cracked, chapped skin, cuticles and lips on contact. This moisturizing salve restores skin softness and aides in immediate relief from minor skin irritations while gently exfoliating to smooth and improve moisture penetration. For first use, twist pen several times until product is dispensed. Apply to dry, chapped skin, lips and cuticles as needed. 800-33-MURAD, www.murad.com or RR# 217


pevonia.botanicaPevonia® BOTANICA’s Ligne Yeux, the Eye Line Évolutive Eye Cream, is a soothing, non-greasy cream that firms and tightens the eye area. Squalane oil helps to nourish and protect the skin while vitamins A, E and chitosan ascorbate, work in unison to repair fine lines and crepiness enabling you to reveal a youthful eye contour. 800-PEVONIA, www.pevonia.com or RR# 278



pevoniaThrough the use of innovative Pipeless™ technology, the Biarritz™ Whisper-Soft Hydrotherapy Foot Spa System from Pevonia® EQUIPMENT can be thoroughly and conveniently sanitized between uses. This technology effectively controls bacteria and microorganism growth responsible for contamination issues prevalent in “piped” hydrotherapy equipment. In addition to its superior hygienic benefits, Biarritz™ Foot Spa features whisper-soft sound technology greatly reducing water turbulence noise normally associated with standard piped systems. 866-698-6580, www.pevoniaequipment.com or RR# 172

phytomerPhytomer introduces Oligomer® Well-Being Strengthening Moisturizing Body Cream, part of a new holistic body collection. This luscious cream moisturizes the epidermis and strengthens the skin’s protective barrier. With perfect subtleness, a green tea/jasmine scent lingers on the skin for absolute freshness. Oligomer®, the backbone of Phytomer’s brand, recharges the skin with trace elements, improving cellular cohesion. Phéohydrane and Prebiotic Sugars provide ultra-hydrating and strengthening properties. 800-227-8051, www.phytomerusa.com or RR# 122 

rhonda.allisonRhonda Allison® Cosmeceuticals’ Organic A Complex – flawless skin serum – and Satin Peptide Serum represent a powerful duo that works to strengthen, renew and rebuild damaged and photo-aged skin. The Organic A Complex blends retinol; organic vegetables; and Herbal Harvest, a complex of medicinal herbs, for gentle, yet powerful skin repair. The Satin Peptide Serum combines age-defying peptides, hydrators and antioxidants, like resveratrol, to boost collagen production and support repair from free radical damage. 866-313-7546, www.rhondaallison.com or RR# 222

skinforlifeSkin for Life pure science wants you to layer your performance serums for the winter. LSS™ delivery provides a trademarked bio available technology which offers a higher potential of penetration for cosmeceutical ingredients with Skin for Life pure science corrective performance serums: Vita C Peptide Serum, Moisture Booster, Renewal Serum 10% and Vita A Regenerate; which may be layered to provide a multifunctional performance benefit for your clients’ skin. 866-312-7546, www.skinforlife.com or RR# 296

sothysThe Active Contour Age-Defying Cream from Sothys USA is ultra-light, quick absorbing and serves as a complete care solution for the eye area. The cream treats all eye area concerns including dehydration, wrinkles, dark circles and signs of fatigue, helping eyes look and feel better instantly. Includes vectorized proline and water lily extract which soothe and protect, reducing the sensation of heat and stinging, while caffeine drains and decongests and centella asiatica diminishes dark circles by increasing microcirculation. 800-325-0503, www.sothys.com or RR# 195

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