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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 14:25

Worth A Look January 2011

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Aesthetics VideoSource

In the DVD, Men’s Facial Techniques, Rita Page, an award-winning CIDESCO diplomat, demonstrates a complete professional facial tailored specifically for male clients using a combination of an 8-in-1 facial equipment machine and traditional techniques.
800-414-2434, www.videoshelf.com, or CRR# 127 Advertisers Index

Botanical Science Technologies, Inc.

Sheer Berry Anti-oxidant Serum has high-powered antioxidant fruit blends and anti-aging peptides that provide new ways to quench the skin’s need for protection and free radical fighting power. This serum has combination of fruit acids, resveratrol, and peptides that truly set a new standard of performance for antioxidant products.
800-668-7546, www.botanicalscience.net, or CRR# 293 Advertisers Index

Eve Taylor®

Eve Taylor™ Spf20 Hand & Nail Cream is a moisture rich blend of sunflower, cocoa butter, and natural silicones which seal in valuable moisture to maintain elasticity and provide improved barrier support. Rosewood and tea tree provide a soothing and purifying quality. With advanced Avobenzone screening (UVA & UVB), this product is also great for use in luxury hand massage as part of a manicure.
800-461-3745, www.eve-taylor.com, or CRR# 282 Advertisers Index

Kintech USA

Enspri Skin Care introduces Total Eye Boost, a synergistic blend of the latest bioactive peptides that targets the total eye area. This lift, lighten and line-erase eye therapy delivers a potent combination of anti-aging ingredients in one powerful boost, to stimulates collagen and elastic production while reducing puffiness and dark circles-which results in a firmer, brighter, rejuvenated appearance. 877-367-7744, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.enspriskincare.com, or CRR# 246 Advertisers Index


M'lis BUFF was created as part of a luxurious spa treatment featuring lymphatic massage and body contouring wraps, and is now available as a take home exfoliating lotion for spa clients. BUFF's exfoliating formula removes dead cells from the skin's surface, stimulating the metabolism of the skin and promoting nutrient absorption. Formulated with pineapple and papaya extracts. 800-548-0569, www.mlis.com, or CRR# 269 Advertisers Index

Monique Mathieu

Across is a gabardine tunic designed for men. But here is a little secret… it is also favored by women! It is the perfect unisex style for large sizes. It is very practical as well with a knitted polo collar, snap closing, and pockets at hip level on either side. It has long sleeves that can be rolled up and secured with snap-tabs. High quality European fabric. 954-537-0732, www.monique-mathieu.com, or CRR# 148. Advertisers Index

pevonia® BOTANICA

LigneSoin O2ptimal Oxygenating Line Vitamin C Complexe is part of LigneSoin O2ptimal – the Oxygenating Line, this unique micro-emulsified gel is quickly absorbed to leave skin radiant and rejuvenated. With an innovative technology of Oxyzomes containing stabilized vitamin C, vitamin E, soy lecithin, and hyaluronic acid, this delivery system has a 12-hour time release mechanism that ensures deep hydration, corrects photo-damage, and drenches the skin with repairing antioxidants for a revitalized, youthful appearance. 800-PEVONIA, www.pevonia.com, or CRR# 278 Advertisers Index


ALOE COMPANY BODY BUTTERS – Sweetly satisfying, these pleasant and refreshing 24-hour moisturizers will awaken your skin and senses with a renewed freshness. All skin types will benefit from the intensive all-day skin hydration. 800-221-9727, www.set-n-me-free.com,
or CRR# 132 Advertisers Index


Mehaz® Professional introduces Tweezer Catty. A full-size red and white polka dot slanted tweezer in a durable protective case (patent pending). Benefits include: Designer 3-3/4” tweezer with stainless steel slanted tip that is European-made for precision tweezing, protective case with coordinating design protects both the tweezer, items it comes in contact with, and it is perfect for your purse or for travel; great gift idea.
888-225-6342, www.mehaz.com, or CRR# 300 Advertisers Index

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