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Why We Love... Company Get-Togethers:

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“Rapid, changing technology needs new ideas. Companies are changing to holacracy; No boss, no managers, no hierarchy. Companies need new ideas. Company’s get-togethers bring discussion of new ideas.”
Manzoor Jaffery

“Because our CEO believes in playing as hard as we work, she does hospitality European style - classy and generous.”
Melissa Pfaffenbichler

“Company get-togethers allow your team to come together in order to bond and connect. This leaves you with a great company which feels like family!”
Ashley Baum

“It gives us a chance to see what everyone has been up to. And share ideas, learn from each other and just have a good time.”
Alverta Saxton

“It builds better communication and understanding.”
Debra Heinsohn

“When the company gathers outside of the business environment for fun and food, people relax and get their minds rested. They become more themselves. Creativity thrives as colleagues play as a family.”
Svetlana Sharapova

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