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Why We Love... Aromatherapy: 2016

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“I love aromatherapy because the smell is great and it has a medicinal effect on the body.”
Yvonne Marciena

“Because it invokes a blissful and positive feeling in the client.”
Tiffany McLauchlin

“Because it helps to balance the mind, body, and spirit with gifts from nature.”
Christy Dellinger

“Because it adds another dimension to the client’s total experience.”
Cynthia Dobbin

“Because it is a simple and easy way to upgrade a service.”
Liska Fox

“I love that aromatherapy has variety. It can help relieve sore muscles or calm the spirit.”
Tracey Coleman

“I love aromatherapy because it is not only relaxing and mood altering for my clients, but also for me.”
Irina Kravchenko

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