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Treatment, Homecare, and Wellness Tips for the Holidays

Written by   Suki Kramer

The holidays are here and with them arrive an influx of party invitations; party clothes; delicious foods; and the stress of shopping, family, and expectations.

For clients who want to look their best for the holiday season, professionals should encourage them to get out their calendar and plan ahead. They should make their facial appointments well in advance so that their skin is well tended to, clear, strong, and hydrated for the stresses of the holiday.

It is also important for them to start any lifestyle changes, such as cleansing, a new nutrition routine, or a new fitness regimen, ahead of the holidays so that their body is strong and prepared and so that mentally, they can head into the holidays with a positive perspective on how they look and feel about themselves. The better and the more in control the client feels about their life, the less they will be thrown off kilter during busy times. quote

Proper exfoliation – not just scrubbing with a washcloth, which can actually pull at the skin and make it worse – consists of using a formulated exfoliant with gentle ingredients, like colloidal oat, and soft ingredients, like sugar rather than hard-edged salt, that can be customized to the sensitivity of the skin. When these methods are employed, exfoliation removes dead, dry, and damaged skin buildup from the client's face and body fully, yet gently. It triggers the body to repair areas that are going through crisis and signals to the body to spend more resources on balancing the area, an action many people neglect in the winter.

Exfoliation triggers a balancing in the skin's chemistry. Skin that is too oily will calm down once the excess layer of buildup is removed, while skin that is too dry will ramp up oil production.

It is not just facial skin that benefits from a good exfoliating treatment. Skin is the first layer of protection against the outside world. It is the largest organ and keeps the body healthy. By creating a great whole-body exfoliation routine, the skin is kept at its best; it is smooth and acne-, bump-, and line-free.

Microdermabrasion is a highly recommended facial treatment, especially for those who live in a cool or cold climate. It is also wise to market skin care routines that include a high performance daily exfoliant or peel. Exfoliation is key to the prevention of premature aging, as well as for strengthening and rejuvenating maturing and stressed skin. Clients are often amazed to learn about the number of skin layers that need to be removed to keep them looking young. Microdermabrasion enables quicker collagen turnover and creates beautiful skin that absorbs and utilizes vitamins, nutrients, and moisturizers with ease. It also provides immediate benefits and is ideal for those who may not plan appointments very far in advance.

Microneedling has also shown great results for resurfacing the skin, reducing pore size, minimizing wrinkles, and preventing scars. It is an ideal treatment for clients that are looking for radiant skin throughout the hectic holiday season. Microneedling uses small pins to input elastin and collagen into the skin and, though it sounds a little scary, it is minimally invasive and uses only a topical numbing cream. Of course, the professional should keep recovery in mind before performing microneedling on clients, especially during the peak of event season. Any new treatment should be engaged in well before parties to see how the skin reacts. pic-1

Body Treatments
Sadly, clients often stop at the skin on their face when, in reality, the sensation of smooth, soft skin is attainable for the body as well, as is the treatment of age spots, thinning skin, dry patches, blemishes, and bumps. In addition to offering exfoliation and much-needed holiday indulgence and relaxation, body treatments can also assist with circulation and the opportunity for the reduction or prevention of cellulite and skin that feels youthful and baby soft. Reminding clients of these benefits around the holiday season can be beneficial, especially for those looking for a boost prior to the busy season or for a recovery treatment after a long week with their family.

In addition to these treatments, professionals can also advise clients on helpful homecare regimens, ensuring that they do not lose track of their own needs during this
busy season.

Stale and cold air, artificial heat, and a lack of sunshine during the winter can exacerbate skin dryness, especially for those that are prone to eczema, allergies, dryness, sensitivities, and immunity issues. Adding a few moisture-focused maintenance steps to a client's spa treatment and homecare regimen will help their skin heal and stay hydrated throughout the busy season.

pic-2Clients should apply a very thick moisturizer to their entire body. They should also look for body products that contain coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and other pure oils, instead of synthetics like parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate, which may feel lubricating, but can strip skin once it is dry. It is extremely important for clients to moisturize after showering; when moisturizers are applied to damp skin, they are absorbed more fully than those that are applied when the skin is dry. Clients should take a rich, heavy, dense balm and indulge themselves in the time it takes to fully apply and absorb it into every part of their skin. Furthermore, stress re-application to clients. Have them stock up on travel-size hand lotion and lip balm so they can keep sets in their purse, at home, and at the office. The holiday season is also a great time to ensure clients have a hydrating mist or toner. These products can be spritzed over makeup throughout the day to replenish hydration. Having soft skin is a rewarding benefit and every inch of their body is worthy of time and attention.

If a client has dry skin or rosacea or is worried about wrinkles or maturing skin, they should use dense, intensive protection at night for the delicate tissue around the eyes and lips. It is good to use a very dense balm, almost like an eye wax, around the more delicate facial tissue to prevent premature aging and fend off excessive, preventable wrinkles.

If the client has combination skin, oily skin, or issues with blemishes and acne, they should explore a very light facial oil, ideally one with organic jojoba – which is the most like the skin's own chemistry – or hazelnut – an exfoliating oil. It can also include balancing botanicals like lavender and chamomile. If a client has acne, they should look for ingredients like echinacea, a natural antibiotic; goldenseal, a natural antifungal and antibacterial agent; white willow, a natural anti-inflammatory; and other botanicals with anti-inflammatory action. If their skin is not breaking out in blemishes that are swollen, red, or irritated, they can also use an extremely light day cream. Spot treating the skin overnight with clay, masks, and peels can help to maintain clear pores and a clear complexion.

For overall moisture, look for organic oils with antioxidant actives such as resveratrol; grapeseed; olive leaf; and vitamin C in a stabilized delivery system, such as liposomes, rather than just a raw form of ascorbic acid. Investigating the active ingredients in skin care products and whether they are delivered via stabilized, safe methods is important. Active ingredients from 100 percent pure sources are necessary for great skin and good formulations can actually work wonders on the skin, especially when the formulator takes into consideration how the whole body creates problems and how the skin reflects the body's well-being.

For all-around glowing, clear skin, what is put in the body is just as important as what is applied topically. Given the stress and lack of time and sleep that most people struggle with during the holiday season, some form of detoxification can also help to jump start skin health and how people think about treating their bodies. There are various methods of detoxification that can help to heal skin problems, although it is important to be aware that any sudden and intense shift in a client's routine may cause temporary skin breakouts. This reaction is a phase the skin needs to go through to get to a state of balance and clarity.


Juicing or making smoothies instead of sugary drinks, like hot chocolate, can be beneficial without creating too much extreme change. There are many nutritious foods, vitamins, and minerals available at clients' local health food stores that nourish and balance the skin. Most of these nutritious elements are also found in the topical holiday spa treatments that professionals perform on clients.

Juicing is an easy, quick way to complement holiday treatments and homecare skin care regimens. It is faster than preparing a full salad, easy to take on-the-go, and allows a person to drink all the nutrients they need in one delicious glass.

Overall, anything that does not make the body work hard and allows it to go through the process of cleansing itself is useful. Some recommendations can help tremendously in cleaning and maintaining healthy skin during the holidays, including drinking water, getting enough daily sleep and extra sleep, clean eating, practicing some forms of meditation or stress management, and getting at least 10 minutes of sunscreen-free sunshine daily for vitamin D production. Other helpful recommendations include taking basic supplements, such as probiotics; fish oils; vitamin C; DHEA; CoQ10, for mature skin; or a whole food multivitamin. Furthermore, daily exercise helps to improve the client's circulation and mood, manage stress levels, and move toxins through the body.

SukiKramerSuki Kramer, founder, formulator and president of suki® skincare, is a progressive, independent natural skin care pioneer committed to challenging beauty industry assumptions, advocating for women's health, education, and empowerment, and delivering strong, safe solutions for all skin problems and sensitivities. Today, Kramer is a recognized industry advocate with a mission to pass on her self-confidence and knowledge to all who are suffering from skin problems or feeling helpless to the industry. By using her love of writing as a platform for her advocacy, Kramer helps others become as informed as possible about ingredients, label reading, and how to question suppliers and authority. Her resume includes published work with The Huffington Post, her own blog, sukiscoop, HAPPI, DERMASCOPE, and many health and industry magazines.

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