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Indulging Your Seven Senses

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Imagine entering a private sanctuary just for you. Greeted by a potpourri of natural aromas, you breathe deeply to smell a hint of sage, rosemary and lavender. The energy is sublime and you immediately feel welcomed. Safe and secure, you sink into the facial chair and feel like you are floating on a cloud. The lighting is soft but not dark. You hear a hint of music with a rhythm that calls to your soul. Who is that artist, you wonder. The therapist is warm and professional as she asks a series of questions to discover your needs and purpose for your visit.

Her soothing voice walks you through the steps she will take. During the treatment it feels as if the therapist becomes attuned with an unseen energy that makes the treatment different from any other. Sixty minutes later you feel completely transformed.
This was an actual experience by a beauty industry veteran of twenty years who recently shared her story with me. “I had the most incredible massage,” Sharon said. “I have had many treatments before, but this therapist transformed me. It was as if she was in tune with what I needed. From the music in the room to the scents on the towels, to knowing how to release the pain in my muscles, I felt more alive and rejuvenated in just one hour.”
Why was this session different? The treatment Sharon received indulged the senses. It was not your proper facial; it went beyond following a step-by-step protocol. Her therapist accessed her extra sensory nature to create magic in the treatment room. We call this being present… not focusing on the past or future… only present time. When present, your senses are enhanced. You become in sync with your client and are guided by feelings and intuition. 
Your senses connect you with nature and each other. We are part of the same energy source; an intricately woven web of life. Because you can tune into this energy, you can also tune into another’s energy. We are all connected in this way. Notice how when you think of someone they call you? They connect with your energy wave directed towards them. This is the law of attraction at work.

In a recent survey of over one thousand participants, sponsored by Coyle Hospitality Group, the primary reason for spa visits is relaxation and stress management. Eighty-eight percent placed this as the top reason to spend their money in spas; 57 percent visit to improve their appearance while only 37 percent go for skin care alone. Consider offering a 30-45 minute treatment focusing entirely on wellness; to include aroma and gemstone therapy, meditation, acupressure, neck and shoulder massage. Book weekly sessions with clients to augment your facial and waxing business.

You have “sensory” and “extrasensory” perceptions. The five physical senses are considered sensory, and come as a result of organs with specialized cells that have receptors for specific stimuli. These cells link to the nervous system and the brain. Sensing happens at primitive levels in the cells and then transforms into sensations felt in the body. These sensations let you know you need to pay attention. Whether fight or flight or the excitement of being attracted to another, your senses and nervous system work in tandem to keep you aware.
Your senses of smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing all culminate to your extrasensory nature that includes clear vision and intuition. Everyone experiences the A-Ha moments of clarity via their extrasensory perceptions. It is human nature. Now it is time to be more conscious of these feelings, staying present to trust them on a moment by moment basis.
Each sense can be associated with an energy vibration or Chakra (refer to chart). Your Chakras connect you to and infuse you with Nature’s vital energy. The first Chakra also known as the Root Chakra is the most physical, grounding and rooting you to mother earth. The seventh or Crown Chakra is the most energetic, connecting you to etheric energy where intuitive insights are received. As you work your way from the first Chakra, most physical, to the seventh, most etheric, you experience more conscious awareness to understand who you are and why you are here.
Having access to all the energy available… you are able to; intuit information (Seventh Chakra); to have clear vision and see how you fit into the big picture of life (Sixth Chakra); so you can communicate clearly and express yourself authentically (Fifth Chakra); with love from the heart (Fourth Chakra); and have the will to persevere (Third Chakra); with creativity and passion (Second Chakra); to take action and walk your unique path in life (First Chakra). Being out of sync in any of your Chakras creates stress. If you suffer from stress and/or anxiety you are out of sync.
To assist you in creating your wellness menu consider the following chart. Create an “Indulge Your Senses” series of seven treatments that can be rotated weekly. Promote your “Sensory Mood of the Week” to entice clients to book appointments.
The first Chakra and the sense of smell are the foundation for the rest of your sensory nature. Start with the most physical, first Chakra and work your way to the most consciously aware seventh Chakra for a complete series. Each sensory mood has a color, scents, tastes and energy theme to enhance your client’s sensory nature.

When people disconnect from their intuitive self, it is normally due to the Western emphasis on left brain, scientific, linear thinking. The right brain which allows feelings and intuition is what creates passion and gives you your juice for life. You can go through the motions, but how happy will you be if you do not love what you do. You are meant to be creative and receptive to your surroundings so you can manifest your ideas on the physical plane. The beauty industry allows the freedom to use both sides of your brain so you design treatments to indulge the senses and create a transformational experience for clients.
Seven Senses
Seven Chakras and Descriptions
Create a Sensory Mood
Grounds and connects you to your instinctive nature.
First Root – (Physical)
Sensory intelligence; yang energy. Connects the physical body to mother earth and is the foundation for the rest of the Chakra system. Self-preservation, feeling safe, being grounded and present.
Use the color red or brown for the sense of smell. Red is stimulating and good for taking action while brown is grounding and helps to reduce stress. Serve a red/ brown fruit; strawberries, plums, dates, figs, apples, cherries. Offer a watermelon beverage or emstone
infused water. Use earthy, woody scented essential oils
such as sage, patchouli and sandalwood.
Allows you to experience the scents on an emotional level by ingesting them.
Second Navel – (Emotional)
Feeling intelligence; yin energy. Your center for creativity, sensuality and passion. Your ability to relate to others, innate talents, values and personal wealth. Fuels passion for life and work.
Dim the lights and play sensual music. Display a goddess book of art with women lounging, playing and enjoying life. Use the sensuous scents of ylang ylang and jasmine essential oils. Serve fresh orange or mango juice with a tasty array of food. Include a carnelian gemstone as a gift.
Allows you to
interpret what you see into language.
Third Solar Plexus – (Mental)
Cognitive intelligence; the logical, linear, concrete mind. Programming from your family, school, church and culture. Your ability and capacity to receive and be open to
learning. Personal power center.
Bring out the spotlights, yellow flowers in a beautiful vase and polish the mirrors. Play uplifting, energized music and shower your clients with attention. Provide services to beautify and enhance the appearance. Serve peppermint tea. Use rosemary, spruce and peppermint essential oils to stimulate the mind. Include citrine as a gemstone gift.
Allows you to feel
and understand your
connection to nature
and others.
Fourth Heart – (Pure Love)
Acceptance; connecting to your inner self, nature and her cycles. Spirit speaks through the heart to provide you with resonance so you can “feel” what is authentic to you.
Introduce elements from nature with an herbal “aroma bar” for sniffing and connecting with nature’s mood enhancing helpers. Play love songs for the heart while you burn green and pink candles. Give green aventurine or rose quartz hearts with a note sharing your appreciation
for your client’s business. Use rose and lavender
essential oils to inspire more self-acceptance and love.
Allows listening…
to be aware and able
to express yourself.
Fifth Throat – (Self Expression)
Sense of purpose; center of communication, your true voice, having a sense of your creative purpose in life. Owning the multidimensional aspects that make you a unique individual.
Have an assortment of meditation CD’s with journaling pads for clients to write on after their treatment. Allow them to connect with their inner voice so they may communicate their essence from within. Use neroli, bergamot and juniper essential oils for clarity of purpose. Serve “clarity water” using Sodalite, apatite and white chestnut flower essence. Give a blue gemstone as a gift.
Clear Vision
Allows you to see the big picture and how everything is inter-related.
Sixth Third Eye – (Holistic Mind) Visionary; center for clear vision. Seeing the big picture and how you fit into the picture. Realizing that everything is inter-related. Being able to put your life into order to reach your vision. Offer an assortment of guided visualizations. Have old magazines with color pictures that they can cut out to create a vision board for themselves. Use roman
chamomile and clary sage essential oils to enhance
clear vision. Serve fresh berries or berry smoothies. Give Sodalite or lapis as a gift for insight.
Allows you toaccess
universal wisdom aka A-ha moments.
Seventh Crown – (Intuitive Intelligence)
Awakened consciousness; connecting to intuitive insight and wisdom to realize your true beauty. Understanding and wisdom beyond cognitive knowledge.
Light a candle for spiritual direction. Have an assortment of inspirational music to listen to and a journal to write in before or after their treatment. Use frankincense and myrrh essential oils to connect on a spiritual level. Offer grapes, plums and purple foods. Give a sachet with
lavender for spiritual awakening. Have clients place it under their pillow at night for ‘sweet’ dreams.

Tips to Be Present and in the Moment

Clear Your Space
Use scent and/or sound to clear the energy in your space. Remember Pigpen and the cloud of dust that followed him, from the "Charlie Brown" comic strip? People’s energy surrounds them like Pigpen’s dust. Some energy is positive and some not. Clearing the energy before each client will help to clear distractions that may be left behind from previous clients.
Sage has been used as a means to clear energy by Native Americans primarily by burning the bundled herb in smudging rituals. The energy from sage helps to ground, heal and clear negativity. To avoid smoking up your room, you can make your own “Sage Clearing Mist” by adding 6-10 drops of sage essential Oil, 4-8 drops of rosemary essential oil and six drops of walnut oil (for protection), into two ounces of distilled water. Shake the mixture and spray over the facial bed and the entire room from corner to corner.

Singing bowls, tuning forks and chimes all work well to clear energy. Ring your instrument of choice and move throughout the room as you let the sound reverberate and clear the energy from your space. These may also be used during treatments.

Set a Daily Intention or Prayer
Intentions help you to focus and invoke the “Law of Attraction” to assist you in creating what you desire. Get grounded, clear your mind and set the focus for the time spent with your client. It is a good practice to include an intention or prayer at the beginning of your treatment. Use one or more of the affirmations below and say a prayer to give thanks, release your ego and allow healing to take place. You can even make a spa beverage by infusing your intention/prayer for the day into the drink you offer your clients. Make it positive, be specific and anchor it into every cell of your body.

  • I am grounded and take action to walk my unique path.
  • I attract and create fulfilling relationships.
  • I am the most successful me I know.
  • I communicate my thoughts and purpose with clarity.
  • I am open and willing to receive the abundance the universe has to provide.

Prayer Example: “I give thanks for the time I spend doing a wellness treatment on (Client’s Name). We say yes to the gifts of healing body, mind and spirit. Let us release our egos and expectations so we may receive more than we can imagine. Fill our hearts with love and our thoughts with peace and help us to spread love and peace where ever we may go.” (Notice that you start the prayer in first person to give thanks for having your client. Then you say the prayer for both of you to receive the benefits of the treatment).

It is said that in prayer you speak to God and in meditation God speaks to you. The problem most people have with meditation is clearing their mind to actually receive the wisdom that is meant to guide them on their path. Try this simple meditation technique of focusing on your breath: Sit in a quiet place and focus on your breathing. In your mind say… breathe in – while inhaling and… breathe out – while exhaling. As you get distracted, let go of the thought and go back to focusing on your breath. When you are able to focus for a period of time without distractions, you will feel a shift in your body to a new level of conscious relaxation.
You may try a variation of this technique by breathing in a positive quality and breathing out a negative quality. Use the chart below. For example… as you breath in, say in your mind, “I fill myself with peace” and as you breath out, “I release fear,” or you may simply say in your mind, “breath in love” and “breath out anger,” et cetera through the list.

Breath in:
Breathe out:



As Master Oogway from "Kung Fu Panda" so eloquently said, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.” Indulge your senses daily, trust your intuition, follow your heart and stay in the moment. The more aware you become the more magical your treatments will feel. Let the magic of being present be your gift to clients.

Author, aesthetician, Reiki master teacher, and award-winning inner and outer beauty expert, Linda Bertaut specializes in bringing inner beauty to the surface, and inspiring others to do the same. Her lifetime passion for performing makeovers led her to the beauty industry over 20 years ago; what started as makeup and image makeovers turned into wellness and “Energy Make-Overs” for body, mind and spirit. Known as the beauty industry’s Reiki master teacher, she founded Bertaut Beauty to help professionals add value to their services by training them in her signature wellness techniques and products. 626-405-0424, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., www.bertautbeauty.com

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