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What's Your Recipe for Welcoming Guests into Your Spa?

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Our recipe here at face to face nyc – day spa consists of various blends: excellent customer service, plenty of sparkling smiles, skilled touch, and knowledge from our spa technicians. This completes a sweet experience when our guests visit us. In addition, we also add a non-pretentious attitude combined with a great sense of humor that quickly strips the pre-treatment anxiety and nervous feeling from new or even established clients. Uncomfortable feelings can be triggered by getting undressed during a massage treatment or the discomfort from hair removal. Our witty approach to business comes across initially through our spa website, where every treatment is cleverly described using funny terms such as The Backdoor Treatment or Full Moon Rising (men's waxing services). Many of our spa services are the non-conventional type which can put anyone at risk of blushing.

Also, in our weekly staff meeting (aside from skin care education or product knowledge), we take about 15 minutes at the end to dish out and resolve any internal conflicts or disagreements among staff members, allowing us to perform better in front of our guests. Unresolved internal problems can very easily, and awkwardly, be sensed by our stressed guests sitting quietly in our aromatic waiting area.
In terms of our client demographics, 90 percent are men and 10 percent are women. Due to these uneven numbers, my crew and I work harder to make everyone, especially the largest percentage, feel welcomed into our spa. In general, guys get goosebumps when they hear the word spa as many men translate it to mean feminine, weak or needy as if a body scrub will exfoliate their masculinity right off of them. To keep things neutral, our quaint spa is carefully decorated with blues, greens and whites with a 60s retro touch to make our clients feel as if they are lounging beachside somewhere along the California coast. Our large blue Venetian wall symbolizes the ocean and to add mint to the sweet mojito, we offer a complimentary glass of wine or Corona to help with the pre-spa treatment jitters. We stay clear from floral patterns or pink hues, and even throw a Sports Illustrated or Esquire in our magazine rack next to People and Vogue. Small things make a difference for the vulnerable male.
Our spa music is carefully selected to make our guests feel as if they are in their own living room with easy recognizable singers like Smokey Robinson or The Mammas and the Pappas. We have taken unofficial surveys and most clients prefer lyrics over the never ending air stream of the flute, also known as new age music.
Our recipe cannot be complete without the most important ingredients: respect and dignity. Many spas tend to lose these two organic sweetners as they get caught in sales and productivity and forget about the human laying on their treatment table. Our clients know and appreciate our honesty.
Our recipe is to make everyone feel welcomed into our small, private and intimate spa. This recipe has worked wonders for us in the past nine years and our clientele continues to grow. One peek into our consistent five star reviews and you will get an idea of our satisfied and glowing guests.

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