Friday, 01 November 2013 17:11

What’s Your Recipe for QUALITY ASSURANCE?

Written by   Kayse GTehret, C.M.T.

At Soulstice Spa, we believe our client’s overall experience goes well beyond their specific service time. Instead, it begins with their very first contact with our staff, when they call or e-mail to schedule an appointment. We strive to be consistently responsive, friendly, engaging and attentive while booking their initial appointment so our guests can begin to relax before they arrive.

Our staff members are technically skilled and talented therapists, but they were also hired for their exceptional people skills; every single member of our staff genuinely cares about giving each client the best treatment and experience possible. We take extra steps during our initial phone call with a prospective client to gauge what kind of experience they are hoping to have. We ask each person if they prefer gentle, medium or firm/deep pressure in a massage and invite them to share any particular information, be it a specific ailment they are seeking to find relief from or a general feeling they are looking to experience.
Within three days of a guest’s visit, we send them a follow up e-mail or handwritten note thanking them for coming in and inviting them to provide feedback. Many customers feel shy about providing feedback or constructive criticism directly with our front desk after a session, but may feel comfortable letting us know via e-mail. As an independently owned business, our customers appreciate that management is local, accessible and trust that their questions or concerns will be addressed and appreciated. Some of our most vital improvements and creative features have been developed in response to client feedback. The more we can make ourselves available and open to guest feedback, the faster we can address concerns, make improvements, and find new ways to make their experience with us even better. We are active on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and I am personally accessible on LinkedIn. We also enjoy nurturing relationships with our guests through our e-mail newsletters, interactive contests and raffles, and by sponsoring events and fundraisers. Feeling like an active part of the community is important to us, as it is for many in our community.
While we are based in the beautiful Sonoma Wine Country and welcome visiting tourists, we embrace our local client base and neighbors by offering wellness memberships. These make our services more affordable and allow clients to visit on a more regular basis. The more we see someone, the more we can truly get to know them, improve and personalize our service for them. We enjoy learning how we can better serve our clients. The reward for opening yourself up to client feedback can often result in fresh inspiration and new ideas.

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