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What’s Your Recipe for Managing Stress?

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Here is what I know for sure about stress in the workplace… it is the surest way to stunt the growth of your business! Think of stress as a virus that anyone near you can catch. If your client catches that virus, they most certainly will not be coming back for more! “Leave your baggage at the door… you can pick it up when you leave.” Have you ever heard that one before? That is exactly what aestheticians need to do each and every day we show up at our spa. Hopefully your day will go so well, you will not be too quick to pick it back up as you leave at the end of the day.

dog tongue-outOne simple example of something I do during the workday when I feel my energy moving into stress mode is thinking about or looking at something that makes me happy. For you it could be a picture of your child, the thought of how special your mate makes you feel, the taste of your favorite piece of chocolate, or the image of you romping on the beach in Hawaii… you get the idea, right? I have a silly picture of one of my dogs as the background on my computer. When I start to stress, I simply walk over to my computer for a quick smile. Looking at her picture always makes me feel better instantly.
Spas are supposed to be an environment for clients to escape the stresses of their lives. How fortunate are we to work in that type of environment? To grow and prosper in your aesthetic career, take advantage of this and just “let it go” if even for a few hours!


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