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What’s your recipe for giving outstanding five star service in treatments?

Written by   Shelley Lotz

Always create a memorable experience. Give your clients an experience beyond their expectations. For example, an aromatherapy journey, foot soak, and cup of tea offered at no extra cost add value to the service. Offer unique services and extras that no one else offers. Think about how you can make your amenities more personalized or unique. Small incentives, such as offering a hand treatment is a small cost that makes clients feel special.

Know your client. One of the standards in giving five star services is to know the client’s preferences. Know their intake form answers and greet them by name. Always keep accurate records and track their personalized needs. Be a spa concierge and treat them like a welcomed guest. Also, pay attention to their overall spa experience from beginning to end.
Make a connection. Take time to get to know people before they are on your treatment table. A brief conversation with the receptionist and technician leads to more of a real connection and puts people at ease before entering the treatment room. Have a client consultation and go over their intake forms. Ask questions, listen and focus on the client’s concerns.
Pay attention to details. How do you give an amazing treatment? One thing that gets overlooked in training and schools is attention to little details that can make or break an otherwise good service. Be mindful of your touch at every step. Pay attention to comfort: warmth, linens, neck support, and bolsters affect the service quality.
Create a clean, soothing atmosphere. Customize the music for the client. Think about noise and make sure the steamers, lamps, and sink faucets are not distracting. Check the facility following each treatment by doing a walk through to keep the spa pristine and spotlessly clean. You may also offer beverages and snacks before or after services or specialty items depending on the season. Use aromatherapy and customize scents to your spa and client tastes. Alternate seasonal amenities, such as warm or cold eye pads, pillows, and interesting treatment add-ons.
Get in the zone and tune in to the client. Clear your mind of everything except the person on your table. Focus and listen to what they want. Customize treatments and products and schedule enough time for a post-treatment consultation. Be sure to share sincere home care advice, knowledge and education. Give your clients a skin regime guide and samples so that they client will feel like they got more for their money.
Train a stellar front desk. Train the front desk staff and spa attendants to give excellent service. Engage clients by talking about interesting products or services that you offer. Make the checkout process easy and efficient.
You can also show your appreciation by giving exclusive VIP offers. Send thank you cards and other communications to let clients know that you appreciate their business. We are in the best industry in the world – share your enthusiasm and passion!


Shelley-Lotz 2014Shelley Lotz has over 25 years of experience in the spa/wellness/beauty industry as an aesthetician, educator and business owner. Her new book is Green Spas and Salons: How to Make Your Business Truly Sustainable. She is a major contributing author of Milady’s Standard Esthetics Fundamentals, a textbook for aestheticians. Lotz recently started an institute of aesthetics and is also a certified sustainable building advisor. greenspasandsalons.com

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