Tuesday, 29 January 2013 16:32

What’s Your Recipe for Getting Sticky Wax off a Client?

Written by   Martine Plumet

Of all blunders that can happen to a technician, dropping some wax on a region that does not require waxing is of one of the most unwanted situations!
Imagine doing an eyebrow wax and on the way to this area some wax is dropped on the eyelid… or just as worse, you have wax all over the eyebrow… This could happen to you!

leftIf by any chance you experience this unfortunate situation, there is only one way to eliminate the unwanted wax without removing the hair. You need to use neutral oil, as natural as possible. Make sure there is no essential oil neither than perfume. Apply the oil over the wax and rub gently, using the warmth of your finger to melt the wax beneath. The wax will start to dissolve. Using gauze or a cotton swab, gently remove the wax. Repeat the process until all is gone. It could take several repetitions in order to get everything out, so always be gentle and avoid any pressure.
bottomOnce everything is removed, it is suggested to apply a post-depilatory aloe gel to cool down the area. Never use a product that contains alcohol or one that could be irritating. Always remember to protect an area by using a piece of muslin or a stencil that you can cut yourself. Also remember to work around the area that has to be protected. For example, never go across the face; just go from the outside.
The wax contents have considerably changed over the years. It is strongly recommended to choose a good wax that does not have a stickiness effect in order to provide the most comfortable service.


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