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Written by   Ashley Logan

First off, I try to establish protocols within my business to prevent even the possibility of having no-show clients. There are three things I do to facilitate this goal. First, I make sure to inform all of my potential clients about my no-show policy. I do this through printing it on my take-home menus, treatment forms, displays located in my spa’s reception area, and by publishing it on our website. In addition to making sure that my policy is visible, I also make sure that new clients are made aware and returning clients are reminded of this policy when they call in to book an appointment. Secondly, I provide an incentive to my clients, which I call “premium” pricing for my premium clients. Basically, if you are in good standing with our spa you are considered a premium client. With premium client status, clients receive retail discounts, coupons via e-mail, and special pricing discounts, so it is a valuable incentive.

It is understandable that sometimes things happen that are out of the clients’control. Whether it is work or family related, there could be a justifiable reason for someone needing to cancel an appointment. However, there are people who will abuse and take the kind-hearted nature of other individuals for granted. In order to keep from being a business that constantly finds itself in a bind because of late cancelations and no-show clients; I initiated a three-strike rule. On the third no-show appointment, we will no longer accept appointments from that client.
Finally, I have found that sometimes a no-show client is simply the result of someone honestly forgetting they have an appointment. As a general courtesy, and as a sign of professionalism, placing a simple confirmation phone call about an upcoming appointment can make all the difference when it comes to your clients showing up.

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