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How do you schedule self-care during the holidays?

Written by   Kelly Richardson, founder of Venone PR & B.Bronz Sunless

In the spa industry, professionals are usually very busy taking care of clients, preparing their spas for seasonal events and sales, and working extra hours to accommodate everyone during the holiday season. Professionals often miss family gatherings, shopping with friends, and taking the time to get into the holiday spirit themselves. It is just as important to focus on self during holiday preparation, as it is on business.

Grab a pen and paper; pour a cup of hot tea; and make a list of everything to accomplish this holiday season. Write down holiday goals. Should shopping be done by a certain date? Interested in seeing the Nutcracker Ballet or baking cookies? Does a weekend heading to the snow, volunteering at a senior or veteran’s home, or going to the movies sound ideal? Think of the things that will truly inspire the holiday spirit and put them down on paper.

It is September. There are, most likely, not many holiday appointments booked at the spa just yet, so grab a calendar and mark off the days and times that will not be spent working but rather spending time doing the important things this holiday season. If at a larger spa that requires permission for time off this holiday season, request it now. At least two shopping trips are almost guaranteed, so schedule them in. Put each holiday goal into the calendar. At this point, they are no longer a goal or to-do list, but actual appointments.

During the holidays, many professionals neglect their own eyebrows, nails, hair, and skin because they are so busy fitting in everyone else. By the time they make their own appointments, everyone is booked. Book personal holiday appointments now, while the calendar is out, and before preferred providers are already booked for the season. If getting eyebrows done every two weeks is routine, go ahead and book the appointments now. Do not go through another holiday season with split ends and bushy eyebrows.

As the holidays approach, make sure to be prepared, so that running out to get an extra gift for a client or extra groceries for a promised dish is unnecessary. Always keep a few extra things on hand that can easily be used to gift someone. A case of wine or champagne that is on sale can be great last-minute gifts. Tie a ribbon around it, add a card, and gifting is done. When baking cookies, prepare extra dough, roll it into balls, and pop them in the freezer. This can also be done with appetizers. Make some easy dishes that can be pulled out of the freezer, quickly baked, and taken to a party or gathering last minute.

Honor the time that has been set aside just the same as any other appointment with a client. Professionals deserve to enjoy the holidays, too, and by setting a schedule far enough in advance, they can schedule their clients around their holiday goals, rather than trying to fit in festivities around clients. Do not forget to set aside some time to sit by the fire and reflect on what an awesome year the spa had and set goals for next year, as well.

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