Promoting Wellness for Earth Month

Written by Shelley Lotz, L.F.T., C.S.B.A., author of Green Spas and Salons

April is Earth Month with worldwide festivities for Earth Day. What are you doing to honor nature’s abundance and precious natural resources? Keep up with this year’s spa trends with these tips:


  • Health – Promote individual health and wellness along with a healthy environment.
  • Values – Share your ecology-friendly values in your community and your facility.
  • Staff participation – Highlight what your staff is doing for Earth Day.
  • Events – Participate in a local ecology-focused event. 
  • Charity – Support an ecology-focused organization. 
  • Services – Offer holistic, integrated, wellness-based services. 
  • Skin care – Use environmentally friendly cosmeceuticals for the skin. 
  • Product ingredients – Focus on natural and organic ingredients. Promote your eco-label certification and healthy aspects of your products. 
  • Beyond topicals – Retail nutriceuticals that support health internally. 
  • Detoxify – Look at your retail and backbar ingredients – are there any undesirable chemicals (phthalates, petrochemicals, formaldehyde) in products that could be replaced with alternative choices? 
  • Suppliers – Ask vendors to share what they are doing to support sustainability.
  • Greening your space – Discuss your green goals and practices in your staff meetings.
  • Learn more – Research organic product standards and certifications. 
  • Education – Share information with clients on the benefits of your ecology-focused efforts.

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