Just Breathe: Using Breath to Reduce Stress

Written by Robert Sachs, L.M.T., co-founder of Diamond Way Ayurveda
As a spa professional, whether in massage or aesthetics, when you are at your best, clients feel the intelligence of your touch and the goodness of heart with which they are received on the treatment table or chair. This is what makes what is offered memorable to clients. And, yet, hectic schedules, home, and other demands leave you distracted at best and overwrought at worst,…
Forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku, has recently stepped into the spotlight within the wellness community as this Japanese practice now finds itself at the forefront of wellness and spa retreats. Forest bathing melds nature with mindfulness to not only improve health, but also boost immunity and mood. With help from a trained guide, wellness seekers can indulge in the beauty of nature while releasing their mind.…

Victims of Sex Trafficking – What to Look for in the Spa and How to Help

Written by Stephanie Andresen-Stevens, L.E., owner of Brilliant Bodywork
In 2008, I was a brand new aesthetician. I worked alone most of the time in a 350-square-foot office suite in the little town of Onalaska, Wisconsin. I was completely oblivious to sex trafficking, let alone how to spot a potential victim of trafficking until I had an eerie incident that led me to do my research. One day, a man called my spa to…

Gender-Neutral Services: Establishing an Inclusive Spa Environment

Written by Edgar Dominguez, global educator at jane iredale
Most makeup artists and skin care professionals view makeup and skin care to be gender-neutral. They apply the same products on male clients as they do on female clients. Skin care professionals do not dictate a skin care solution based on gender. Rather, they base it on what the skin needs. Yet, for the everyday consumer, it is typically assumed that products cater to the…

CBD and Drug Testing – What Passes and What Does Not?

Written by Emily Davis, L.E., president of education at Color Up Therapeutics
With the growth in CBD-infused skin care products and treatments, it is likely clients are asking questions related to drug testing. Skin care professionals can ease their concerns by explaining that the external use of pure isolated CBD skin care does not affect random drug tests. Drug panels test for THC and not CBD. THC is the psychoactive cousin to non-intoxicating CBD and is the…

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