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Music to the Mind, Body and Soul

Written by   David Young

Life always has its fair share of changes. Over the years, I found that working with affirmations helped me through the rough times and helped me build a new, higher state of consciousness into my life. Not too long ago, I took an advanced workshop with Dr. Joe Dispenza, one of the main speakers interviewed in the film What The Bleep Do We Know? I learned that our minds trigger certain enzymes through our brain that send out hormones to our body. If we are thinking negative thoughts, we are sending out negative vibrations through these enzymes throughout our body that make us uptight and agitated. When we think positive thoughts, these thoughts send positive enzymes throughout our bodies that tell us that things are happening in our body and our lives.

These stimulating endorphins are secreted from our brains and our body naturally follows what our brain tells us. These thoughts create new synapses or pathways in our mind; the more we think something, the more naturally it becomes a part of who we are. We have a choice to either build uplifting, helpful, healing things into our lives or build negative things. Since the universe only wants to support us, it gives us back more of what we believe to be true.
Now, when I am having a problem with something, I find the opposite of the negative experience and turn it around to make a positive, healing affirmation. I write uplifting words on sticky notes and put them on my computer, the refrigerator, the dashboard of my car, and even the bathroom mirror as a reminder of how I want to feel or what I want in my life. As a musical person, I eventually start singing these affirmations as a mantra to myself. They take my mind off of the problem and onto something positive that manifests a healing experience.
A few years ago, I was going through a difficult time as my mind was running away from me and my anxiety was getting out of control. My doctor told me that if I did not change something inside myself, my panic attacks were going to either kill me or give me cancer. I created the affirmation My Mind is Clear, My Mind is Calm to try to settle myself down. After a while, I started singing this to myself. I went into the recording studio where I created many of my New Age instrumental CDs and recorded it. I gently sang it in a soothing tone and mixed in my voice, blending it in with the music like it was one of the spiritual-sounding instruments. This healing CD was an hour long with the mantra repeating every four or five minutes. I found that it relaxed me and helped settle my mind and emotions as the more I listened to it, the more I was convincing myself that my mind was clear and calm. I was intentionally brainwashing myself with something that was positive, beautiful and uplifting. Then my body relaxed because it was simply following my mind. Adding a melody with a spiritual vibration gave the music more energy and took my affirmation to a new level. This soothed my soul the same way a lullaby soothes a child.
After learning to heal myself, I was inspired to share my personal healing process with others. When I created the Musical Affirmations series, I composed each CD with a very spacey, healing musical introduction, creating a healing environment or musical novacaine. The subtle healing message is subliminally mixed into the music so by the time the listener has listened to half of the CD, their thoughts have been replaced by this positive message. I tell people that if this works on me, then it should work on anyone!
One reason clients go to their aesthetician is because of the healing vibes they experience in the treatment room and music is a part of that experience. The aestheticians and massage therapists become emotional therapists to the client, creating a peaceful oasis as the stresses of life continue around us. It seems as if there is a medicine for all of our physical needs but there is nothing out there for our mental health to help us deal with the negatives in life. Since our minds trigger our emotions, if we put something positive and healing into our minds, positive energy is sent throughout our bodies, helping us heal both mentally and physically.

Grammy nominated multi-instrumentalist David Young, known for playing two flutes at one time and selling over 1,000,000 CDs, has recently created a new genre of music for the spa called Healing Messages.

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