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Mind, Body and Spirit

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Wellness is defined as the state or condition of being in good physical and mental health. Skin care professionals are all too familiar with caring for the well-being of the skin, but how can they cater to the physical and mental well-being of their clients and themselves? This special editorial section presents a number of wellness topics that can be applied in the spa and in the home, including everything from positive thinking and reiki to supplements and deep breathing.

Have you ever seen or heard something that made you feel sick to your stomach? This common phrase is used to describe how you feel in the moment of trying to digest what you witnessed.
The Japanese believe that the stomach is your second brain. It feels what your mind thinks. That is why the phrase, “I feel sick to my stomach,” is very real. While the brain is mentally processing what just happened, the stomach is physically processing the response from the brain.

The mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected. Most eastern modalities teach about bringing the mind, body, and spirit to a homeostasis so that you can live in balance. To live in balance, you have to be well; thus, it is very important to practice wellness.

Wellness is harmony within the mind, body, and spirit. There are no limitations defining wellness because every individual has their own enlightenment and way of finding how to be well and healthy.
Being healthy, however, is more easily said than done. There are too many distractions in the world that take away from allowing the interconnection that the mind, body, and spirit yearn for and need. The word
‘disease,’ when broken down, is dis-ease or dis-ease within you. Disharmony and imbalance separate your interconnection, leaving you receptive to ailments, disease, and any kind of illness, whether it is mental or physical. That is why it so very important to practice wellness; do and say things that keep your mind, body, and spirit connected.

This personal connection is where there are no limitations on finding your own wellness. Participating in physical activities that keep the body strong varies from individual to individual. You may like yoga and Pilates rather than weight training and running. Any activity that moves the body and increases heart rate and circulation is creating wellness. You may enjoy mediation over praying or going within nature to soak in its majestic power. Anything that brings stillness to your spirit is a form of practicing wellness. You may like reading books that feed knowledge to your brain, seeking out truths that you question, or learning from a mentor whom you favor with high regards. Anything that opens your mind to a larger realm is wellness.

Your mind, body, and spirit are your vessel. All three together circulate wellness. The functionality of you depends on the persistent perseverance to be well. You can achieve an optimal healthy form of living by practicing wellness to keep your mind, body, and spirit in harmony, which, in turn, creates ease within you.

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