Self-care is a word that’s thrown around a lot these days. We can’t go far without seeing something about it on social media, magazines, or television. Is it a new concept? No, the truth is, it has been around for a long time. It’s part of being human and it should have come with our owner’s manual. You know, the one we all got when…

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Written by Annette Hanson
Yes, you really do need your beauty sleep. This isn’t just a silly catch-phrase. Lack of sleep takes a toll on the skin’s health and physical appearance. Skin gets stressed out, too. If you spent the whole night tossing and turning, or you crawled into bed three hours before your alarm was set to go off, you can expect to wake up to breakouts, puffiness,…

Surrendering to Self Care

Written by Catherine Atzen, L.E., MBA, founder of ATZEN Superior to Organic Skin Care
An aesthetician’s work can be tiring and emotionally draining. Working in a spa is not as relaxing as visiting a spa as a client. Demands are numerous, clients’ expectations are high, and schedules change a lot. Days are long. Sometimes, aestheticians do not allow themselves to receive as much care as they give their clients. Nurturing and caring for self is essential for an aesthetician’s…

The Foundations of Nutritional Health and their Relationship to Skin

Written by Cassandra Lanning, LME, NTP, The Renegade Esthetician
Internal skin care, like topical skin care, should be addressed methodically, not haphazardly. Everything that happens, happens for a reason, and skin care professionals need to find the reason that these things are happening. They have to think logically and linearly, rather than randomly, to get to the root cause of dysfunction. Internal health, like topical health, has dysfunctions that have a root cause in…
This time of year, with the longer, darker days and cooler temperatures of fall and winter, true emotional and physiological changes occur within the body and mind. It takes more energy to get up and go when the body wants to stay in and rest. Seasonally apparent, these moods feel like a case of the blues, indecision, apathy, fatigue, and irritability. Aptly referred to as…

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