Lymphatic Drainage Massage for the Eyes and Lips

Written by Catherine Atzen, L.E., CIDESCO, M.B.A.
The skin around the eyes is sensitive and loses elasticity at an early age, causing it to wrinkle. The lips suffer from dryness and lose their plump, hydrated, youthful appearance; the corners droop; and the skin around them wrinkles as early as pre-menopause. These symptoms of aging can be significantly improved and delayed with high-performing skin care products and massage. Massage stimulates blood circulation and…

Eating Your Way to Terrific Skin

Written by Annette M. Tobia, Ph.D. and Alice Marcy, Ph.D.
Eat wisely to look good - it is a mantra worth remembering. Diet nourishes the skin from within and some skin conditions, such as acne and rosacea, requires people to pay even more attention to what is on their plate. Clients might not realize that certain foods and supplements actually enhance skin properties normally achieved with topical skin treatments.

Essential Waters in the Spa

Written by Cindy Jones, Ph.D.
Distilled plant waters or essential waters are becoming popular in spas. These distilled plant waters can be confusing and go by many names, including hydrolats, floral waters, herbal waters, toilet waters, aqua vitae, and distillates. In the United States, many people call them hydrosols or herbal distillates. Herbal distillates are obtained by distillation in a similar manner to how essential oils are obtained and have…

Treating Skin Conditions Through Essential Oils

Written by Courtney La Marine, L.E.
Aromatherapy has many places in a person's day-to-day life: a familiar scent that evokes a memory, a spice that engulfs their favorite food, or the flower they smell as they are passing by. Aromatherapy, when not used topically, can help with insomnia, nausea, headaches and migraines, and aches and pains, among other ailments.
The body is an amazing machine, but it requires the proper fuel to function at optimal levels. Food provides fuel for the body and the type of fuel a person gives their body can mean the difference between enjoying a healthy, vital life or struggling with exhaustion and illness.

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