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Surrendering to Self Care

Written by   Catherine Atzen, L.E., MBA, founder of ATZEN Superior to Organic Skin Care

An aesthetician’s work can be tiring and emotionally draining. Working in a spa is not as relaxing as visiting a spa as a client. Demands are numerous, clients’ expectations are high, and schedules change a lot. Days are long.


Sometimes, aestheticians do not allow themselves to receive as much care as they give their clients. Nurturing and caring for self is essential for an aesthetician’s physical and emotional well-being and to be the best at taking care of others. It brings inner peace, happiness, and a positive outlook, essential when caring for others’ skin care needs and coaching them to practice good skin care.


The aesthetician serves as an example and motivates clients to care for themselves. To be a great aesthetician, one must also be a receiver of nurturing care. While aestheticians do not always get treatments done by other aestheticians, either because they work alone or because the spa is fully booked, they can follow a skin care routine that feels like a short escape to the spa in just seven to 10 minutes in their own bathroom at home.


Having healthy skin speaks volumes. It is the aesthetician’s business card. In other words, clients want to have good skin and trust an aesthetician who has the type of skin they aspire to.


When aestheticians feel good about their skin, they have more confidence in their abilities to improve their clients’ skin and are more convincing.


A twice daily skin care routine using the highest-quality skin care products one can afford improves the aesthetician’s skin and prevents premature aging. The aesthetician teaches clients to use the same routine and products at home morning and night. Doing for self what they recommend others do not only works but makes the aesthetician more legitimate to themselves. This reduces stress and feels good.


A simple four- or five-step routine morning and night improves one’s skin and feeling of wellness and peace. First, massage a cleanser in a circular motion and feel how clean pores become. Then, rinse off the grime of the day. Dry with a towel. Next, spray a hydrating toner. Feel refreshed. Third, massage a serum. Feel the firmness of the skin – the nourishment. After, massage one or more moisturizers and feel how the ingredients nourish the cells and replenish much needed moisture. Last, apply sunscreen (in the morning). Incorporate a few simple massage steps into this routine.


From there, add a scrub and mask a couple of times a week, maybe while taking a relaxing bath, and let the self care benefits sink in.


Walk the talk and enjoy.

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