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Gender-Neutral Services: Establishing an Inclusive Spa Environment

Written by   Edgar Dominguez, global educator at jane iredale

Most makeup artists and skin care professionals view makeup and skin care to be gender-neutral. They apply the same products on male clients as they do on female clients. Skin care professionals do not dictate a skin care solution based on gender. Rather, they base it on what the skin needs.


Yet, for the everyday consumer, it is typically assumed that products cater to the female gender, unless they are specifically marked for men. Does that mean that when identifying with the male gender, clients have to accept themselves with complexion imperfections like puffy eyes or chapped lips? It certainly should not.


Every person has the right to enhance their personal appearance, boost their self-confidence, and feel good when they look in the mirror. No person should ever feel intimidated or embarrassed for utilizing a product that may help with their concerns.


In today’s welcome cultural movement towards inclusivity and empowerment, some skin care, wellness, and beauty products are being classified as gender-neutral or suitable for men and women. But, even if products do not feature these labels outright, professionals should ask themselves if there is even a need to make a distinction of gender with their treatments and product offerings. In most cases, it is actually beneficial to ensure offerings are available to everyone who needs them.


Skin is skin. An eye cream, a supplement, or a foundation will never be able to distinguish if a man or a woman is using it. Men may feel more confident in their meetings or job interviews when they can wear a foundation that evens out their complexion. Women may need shaving relief on their legs, just as a man would on his beard. Skin care professionals should eliminate as many barriers as possible for clients to experience the solutions they need for their skin.


It is refreshing to see more images of men and women using complexion products in advertisements, social media, and everyday life, and this movement will only continue to grow. Treat the person and their skin with whatever they need to feel and look their best, because that is what truly counts. 

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