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4 Steps for Replenishing Health, Wellness, and the Soul

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As most aestheticians know, their career can be emotionally taxing because they are often the “best friend” (dumping ground) for their clients. This is, of course, in addition to the stress of their own life and career. To be the best they can be in these areas requires strategies to emotionally decompress, maintain health, and replenish the soul.



Walk around barefoot, letting your feet touch the earth (not concrete) for a few minutes a day. Take that time to connect with the planet and remember that the greatest joy does not come from one’s surroundings, but from deep within oneself when one is grounded and can feel the connection to the universal all. Take the time between clients to center yourself by emptying your mind and sitting in gratitude. Emotional unrest is the number one cause of inflammation in the body.



Almost everyone has some level of dehydration. This affects concentration, energy, immune protection, and weight, along with many other functions. Bottled water, for the most part, is toxic. Get five-gallon jugs of spring water for quick access to hydration throughout the day. Distilled water is dead and alkalinized water is electrified and damaged. Waters from any major brand, like Coca Cola, Nestle, and so forth, contain poisons like chlorine and fluoride. Bottles that collapse in your hand likely have BPA. Fiji is very good as a national brand and there are many other local spring water sources that are good, as well. Drink steadily throughout the day to avoid going to the bathroom all the time. Ideally, you should drink two-thirds of your weight in ounces daily.



Individuals face millions of toxins a day that slow the brain, distort hormones, and inflame organs. Most water sources contain poisons like fluoride, chlorine arsenic, and antibiotics. Most food sources contain poisons like hormones, antibiotics, food preservatives, heavy metals, bleached flour, and refined sugar. The air is not healthy to breathe in most cities due to pesticides, carbon monoxide, and pollutants. Individuals need to protect themselves. A daily toxin binder that includes activated charcoal, DIM, and sodium thiosulfate are critical in defending against a toxic world to balance hormones and clear toxicity.



Not everyone needs the same amount of sleep. However, the vast majority of individuals are not getting enough sleep, which affects all aspects of the immune system. Find strategies for getting to sleep and strategies for staying asleep.


To be the best aesthetician you can be, you must take care of yourself emotionally, energetically, and physically. It should be no surprise that these strategies will also work well for clients, too.

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