Healing the Healer Within: The Art of Energy Therapy

Written by Linda Bertaut, L.E.

Energy healing, an alternative therapy, is ideal for aestheticians in the skin care and beauty industry because of their hands-on work. Energy affects clients and vice versa. When the professional understands what energy is and learns how to maintain energy boundaries, it supports the body, mind, feelings, and spirit.


Humans are energy beings in a physical body, with five physical senses connecting them to mother earth and two extra-sensory senses connecting them to the universe. The link between the physical body and the energy body are these seven senses. The physical senses are considered sensory, tuning the individual into their body, earth, and environment. The extra-sensory senses allow for connection to intuition, a sense of purpose, and knowing beyond the cognitive mind.


Being connected to both the sensory and extra-sensory senses allows an individual’s feet to be firmly planted on mother earth with an intuitive antenna to the universe. Using this internal GPS system, ideas, talents, and contributions can be brought down to earth, making the world a better place. Tuning into and utilizing all the senses leads to a more robust and fulfilling life.



In her desire to help others, aesthetician and empath Lisa had been picking up other people’s negative energy and carrying it in her body for years. She had a lot of pain – her back had not healed from a previous automotive accident, her muscles and body were achy with fibromyalgia, and her stress and anxiety were amplified due to working in a negative spa environment.


Wanting to change her life, Lisa was ready to try something new, so she registered for an energy healing course with reiki training. “Before the class, I was tolerating things and giving my energy out. I had aching in my muscles – and some I didn’t even realize was there until it was gone. I made a decision to make a shift, even though I was scared to make a change.”


“I learned reiki, meditation, and how to set intentions, which I have practiced almost every day,” Lisa continues. “There has been a release of the anxiety and the stress; I feel strong and clear. Within less than 30 days, there has been such a shift in my body and the way I feel. People are responding to my new energy. My clients greet me at the door with ‘Oh my gosh, you are glowing! What happened? You look great. What did you do?’ I also made a shift out of the negative environment that wasn’t supportive to me for over two years and found a new space where the energy fits mine. My clients are so happy with these changes that they give me a hug to get some of the good energy from me. Now they want to experience energy healing for themselves.


It’s really amazing how, in such a short time, I have had such a shift in my energy and feel so good. My life really has changed so much. I am lighter. I am seeing and feeling a physical manifestation of it in my body, as I am releasing pain and losing weight in my belly area. I look forward to having that bad energy continue to move out of my body. I am a happy person once again on the inside.”



Energy healing is used to heal the subtle energy body of an individual. The subtle energy body fuels the physical, feeling, mental, and spirit bodies with vital life force energy. It consists of seven major chakras, or energy centers, aligned at the center of the body. The energy of the chakras radiates through and around the body to what is called the aura. Together, the chakras and aura are the subtle energy body.


When the subtle energy body is full, there is a twinkle in the eyes and a glow. The individual radiates an energy that is positive and feels good to those around them. Performing hands-on treatments, aestheticians are working within the energy field of clients, leaving the professional susceptible to feeling drained if not protecting themselves energetically. A depleted energy body is called leaky aura and leaves the professional feeling exhausted. This is why an individual can start their day in a good mood and feel it deteriorate as the day progresses.


The analogy of a television is a good way to describe leaky aura. Imagine the television – without a cable and internet connection, there is only static. Once the connection is made, there is access to many channels. Energy healing helps to clear the static – the stress, anxiety, and mental chatter – clearing the way to tune into intuitive insights and feelings which are meant to guide. This is the internal GPS. 



Energetically, each individual is connected to each other, the earth, and the universe. Through energy, a person can feel someone’s essence without them saying a word. Have you ever experienced being instantly attracted to someone or repelled by them? This is their energy vibration. The aura exudes beyond the body for an individual to get a preview of a person’s energy vibe. Some people resonate, others are on the opposite end of the energy scale. Through energy, an individual can tap into earth’s wisdom and universal wisdom. This is different from knowledge that is learned through books and education.


Albert Einstein said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.”


Each individual is born with an energy blueprint that contains their innate talents, abilities, and challenges. Their job is to know themselves, be themselves, and share their innate gifts and talents. Energy healing is the simplest way to evolve and blossom. The good news is that aestheticians can readily add energy healing to their spa menu. Here are examples of energy healing.



Reiki is a hands-on healing modality that helps to reduce the static of stress, anxiety, and mental chatter so that the individual can feel peaceful within. It is one of the few healing arts that balances the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of an individual. It allows the professional to perform hands-on healing treatments on themselves and clients. Once attuned by a certified reiki master teacher, the professional can channel universal healing energy known as the rei of reiki.


Each individual has healing energy coming through their hands that is their personal healing energy, otherwise known as the “ki” in reiki. If the professional’s own ki is depleted, they can only give as good as they have got. Reiki fuels the body with vital life force energy that protects and allows an individual to share their healing energy with others. Clients will notice a profound difference in their treatments.



Mother Nature provides a wealth of gifts to heal energy. In fact, the colors of nature’s rainbow are the same as the colors of an individual’s inner rainbow, the chakra system. Nature also infuses a person with vital life force energy. When walking barefooted on the ground, hugging a tree, or sitting by a moving stream or ocean, an individual can be filled with the negative ions that heal. Going with the seasonal flow of nature and her cycles creates a formula for business and treatments. Help clients experience the pleasure of their senses by including energy healing with reiki, nature, and gemstones.


Start with the five elements which also relate to the seasons: wood, fire, earth, metal or air, and water.1



Wood is the unseen spark of life; the energy of eternal essence. It represents youth and growth, a new beginning, and a vision of a whole new cycle. The wood energy of spring is an expression of life at its strongest. Spring is the season to take action, plant seeds, look ahead and make new plans, and make decisions for the coming year. Bring bamboo and pictures of wisdom teachers or inspirational locations into the spa room. Offer spring cleaning treatments, create skin care and healing plans for clients, host webinars, or create videos to inspire clients to get a fresh start.



Fire is the season of summer, the time when young energy that arose in the spring expands to its maximum potential. Summer is a time to nurture and care for growth by tending to the seeds planted. If a person does not allow themselves to flower during this season, they deprive themselves of a late summer harvest to carry them through the year. Bring fire into the spa with candles, images of fire, or the sun. Offer restorative treatments to allow for clients to regenerate during a time of intense focus and growth.



The season of late summer is the season of earth, a time for slowing down and gathering in. It is a time to recognize and hold the fruits of one’s labors. In an individual’s spiritual life, the earth element grants the ability to internalize the mother, by learning to nourish and care for themselves. A healthy earth element allows an individual to feel at home anywhere. Bring earth into the spa with gemstones and crystals. As clients slow down from the previous seasons’ activities, offer reiki-gemstone treatments to let the energy of nature heal and balance the chakras.


Metal or Air

Autumn marks the end of the growing season – a falling away of outer-directed energy. It supports letting go of the waste, old, and stale in an individual’s life, leaving them receptive to the pure and new. Autumn returns individuals to their essence, moves to eliminate what they no longer need, and reveals again what is most precious in their lives. There is more to this season than letting go – it is also a time to take in the pure. Bring a Himalayan salt crystal lamp into the spa. The salt contains metal and the lamp adds negative ions into the environment to cleanse and purify the air. Offer treatments to peel away the layers of skin and debris that the skin is ready to let go of.



Water, the element of winter, points to that dark, quiet pool within oneself, where the essence resides. Use the energy of this season to more deeply discover the essence of the whole self. Winter is a time for internal work – meditation, containment, concentration, and the storing of energy. The energy of winter is latent and potent; in this state of resting deep within, energy is collected and held in reserve. Bring water into the spa with a flowing fountain, where clients can see the water pool at the base of the waterfall. Help clients to connect with their inner self by offering meditative, energy healing treatments. Meditation can be as simple as breathing in and out through the nose while seated and focusing on the breath.


Gemstones and Crystals

An individual’s relationship to gems and crystals is more synergistic than one might think. Individuals are actually made of the same universal elements. In a cosmic wink, celestial elements came to earth from the explosion of stars. So, literally, humans are all made of stardust. Earth, animals, and humans are connected by this element. This world is part of a complex, yet simple, energy matrix – an interconnected web of all forms of life. An individual can connect to this universal ethernet through their subtle energy body, allowing them to intuit information to guide them along their path. 


Crystals are highly organized structures that store, amplify, focus, transmit, and transform energy. They capture the waves of cosmic energy and split this energy into specific frequencies that are reflected in their color and composition. Individuals resonate with their crystalline structure and are drawn to the stones that can help heal their subtle energy body. An individual’s ideal gemstones will find them. Aligned with their energy, they will have an ally for healing and bringing their visions to fruition.


Gemstone Beverages

Gather an assortment of crystals and polished stones in the quartz family to put into a pitcher with clean water. Add fruit and herbs as desired for the ideal spa water.


Individuals are born vibrant and whole and are innately healthy and happy, with a sense of wonder and drive to seek and grow. Energy healing as an alternative therapy helps clients and professionals to have the confidence to know and be themselves. Healing the healer within is the greatest gift that a professional can share with their clients.



1 The Institute of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Inc. http://www.5elements.com.


Linda BertautLinda Bertaut is the founder of Chakralicious, helping healers have the confidence to use their innate healing abilities. She is an award-winning, holistic aesthetician and reiki master teacher who specializes in training aestheticians to incorporate energy healing and energy medicines into their lives and business. Her signature treatments and innovative techniques are being used in salons and spas throughout the country. Bertaut is also a frequent book and magazine author and speaker at many industry events. chakralicious.com or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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