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Friday, 25 June 2021 14:01

Making Self-Care a Full Sensory Experience

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The notion of self-love has a domino effect that spreads to others. It allows the sharing of emotions and experiences, which in turn paves the way for meaningful relationships. In times such as these, it’s critical to extend love and compassion to others but this must start from within. Simple yet mindful shifts towards greater self-care alignment can be a pathway for helping individuals stay relaxed and present while sharing that frequency as the guiding light for clients.



Start by bringing an awareness to the senses that a client experiences in your spa. What do they touch and feel? If this is nothing besides what you put on them, consider setting out some testers for interaction. Speaking of what is put on their skin during a facial, how does it smell? Is there any room to amplify the aroma of your personal brand?

Essential oils can be used to set the tone for how you want clients to feel. Different essential oils are known to give diverse benefits. This can be anything from uplifting and energizing to promoting a restful night’s sleep. By amping up your skin care practice with the sensory experience that essential oils can bring, clients can feel enriched.



Our sense of smell can help wash a wave of calm over us, energize and awaken our energy, or serve as a reminder of a smell that brings happiness.

For example, eucalyptus, mint, and lemongrass are known to invoke feelings of grace, uplifting focus, and mental clarity. Infusing the air in your spa and soaking hot towels with these or similar scents can facilitate a similar feeling to clients, incentivizing them to stay a while and spend more time in the spa.

The more relaxed and comfortable you make yourself and the spa feel, the more relaxed and comfortable client’s will be.

Relax in knowing that the more you supercharge the client’s experience with all the senses – touch, smell, sight, taste, and sound, the more likely they are to remember the way they felt when you held space for them. This can also allow them to be eager to come back to that spa sanctuary.

Try walking into your treatment room as if you were a new client. The first glance of your space is their first impression, so make it a sacred one. Consider decluttering shelves or adding sun catchers to allow the light to dance through the windows. Serve a calming tea or maybe leave a chocolate as the cherry on top of a blissful service.


All of the extra intention circles back to how greater alignment and cultivation of one’s own self-care extends toward impacting the experience of others.


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