Bio-Hacking Aging: Healing Younger with Stem Cells

Bio-Hacking Aging: Healing Younger with Stem Cells

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Take a deeper look into the causes of aging skin on the cellular level. This webinar will examine aging, lifetime prevention, and the role stem cells play in maintaining optimized skin regeneration throughout the years. Learn what stem cells are, where they come from, and why their absence promotes faster aging. Attendees will leave confident in understanding how cytokines and growth factors activate the gene expression of healing to achieve stronger rejuvenation of skin and create long-term antiaging treatment methods for their clients. Join the discussion at any skill-level!




Based out of Austin, Texas, Jimmy Tran has been involved with microchanneling for over a decade. He has been an international corporate trainer for over five years with ProCell Therapies, training thousands of clients all over the world. Tran’s passion is to help clients achieve the best version of themselves through microchanneling and to help practitioners achieve financial success in their businesses. He provides coaching, consulting, training, and marketing solutions to medical spas, day spas, and other licensed professionals all around the world. When he is not working, Tran has a passion for traveling the world, exploring new cultures and cuisines.

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