Advanced Aesthetics: Elevating Your Practice with LED Technology

Advanced Aesthetics: Elevating Your Practice with LED Technology

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LED light therapy has become an essential tool in the aesthetic treatment room and represents far more than a basic add-on. Learn how to expand the LED horizon with programs designed to increase services and client referrals, as well as add to the bottom line. Light therapy offers ever increasing treatment solutions ranging from acne and wrinkles to pain, would heeling, and even hair restoration. Be inspired and acquire tips on developing LED services, like understanding the principles of light therapy to experience optimum practice integration and growth, exploring how light therapy works to make informed treatment decisions, and discovering how to make an educated purchasing decisions and select the ideal light therapy device for any practice in this not-to-be-missed webinar. 



Mr. Johnson is the CEO and president of BioPhotas Inc. and the inventor of the award-winning Celluma SERIES of Light Therapy devices. With an extensive background in the medical device industry, Johnson saw the potential for bringing the significant therapeutic benefits of low-level light therapy affordably to the masses, leading to the founding of BioPhotas. Prior to BioPhotas, his leadership experience includes 10 years with Pro-Dex, Inc., a publicly held medical device manufacturer, serving in the roles of chief business development officer, CEO and president, and board member. Johnson left Pro-Dex in early 2010 to start-up a humanitarian relief organization, The World Bed Project. The charter of this organization was to build strategic alliances with government, NGOs, corporations, and individuals to bring badly needed relief to Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake. Johnson now speaks internationally and writes extensively on the science and benefits of low-level light therapy.

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