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Webinar: Separating Fact From Fiction: Stem Cells, Growth Factors & Cytokines in Skin Care

With the buzz surrounding stem cells, cytokines, and growth factors, how can a skin care professional separate fact from fiction? Join DERMASCOPE Magazine and the Aesthetic International Association as education on a scientific journey exposes the truth behind the magnificent stem cell. Learn what these molecules release and the messages they try to tell the skin.


From this webinar, skin care professionals will understand what aging is at the cellular level and how inflammation influences all cellular behavior. Not all cells available for culture, stem, or otherwise, are created equal. Discover the differences between fibroblast cells, adipose stem cells, and bone marrow stem cells. Skin care professionals will leave this webinar confident in their understanding of the bio-signals these various cells produce, and which source provides optimal healing responses in aged skin. 

Daniel Clary is a passionate aesthetic industry veteran, with over 17 years in the skin care business. His entire professional career has been immersed in cosmetic chemistry, skin physiology, and molecular and cellular biology. Learning from some of the greatest minds in the industry and working for world-class laboratories, medical facilities, and skin care companies, Clary has fostered a wealth of knowledge that has allowed him to be a keynote speaker at medical and aesthetic conferences. He has also been published in respected aesthetic publications. An elected member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, he is actively involved in product formulation, development, and research and development. He is currently the vice president of Education for AnteAGE, working in stem cell science and therapeutic biologics. 

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