Webinar: Exfoliation Education

Exfoliation Education

Presented by Lisa VanBockern and Dave Waggoner


Join Lisa VanBockern, founder of Skin Script Skin Care for a a review of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids along with retinol. This webinar will refresh your memory on the purpose of each exfoliant and why they are so important in treating client’s skin conditions. Learn all about enzymes, masks, chemical peels, and seasonal products that deliver maximum results.


Meets the Presenters! 


Lisa VanBockern is the founder of Skin Script Skin Care and is an aesthetician with a primary background in medical aesthetics. Her focus is on corrective skin care for all ethnicities.



Dave Waggoner is a licensed aesthetician and licensed aesthetic teacher. He is the Director of Education and Public Relations at Skin Script Skin Care. He has a passion for all things educational and develops advanced classes for the skin care industry.






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