Webinar: Healthy Practices to Increase Business

Creating a Healthy Practice Creating a Healthy Practice

Healthy Practices to Increase Business is a webinar that will focus on healthy practices for personal and professional life to help increase business.  Mindset, personal and professional goals, physical and mental health, clear expectation, and limiting negativity are all discussed to give a skin care professional motivation and new practices to implement into their business, thereby resulting in a healthier and more profitable work environment.  This webinar is for all practitioners no matter the role or tenure in their career.


Creating a Healthy Practice
presented by Molly Peters

Molly Peters is the Director of Sales- United States for INNOVATIVE SKINCARE, the maker of iS CLINICAL. During her 11-year tenure with the company, Peters has proved an extensive outreach domestically by developing unique leadership and management approaches to captivate the aesthetic community. Her focus on education and public speaking has helped to elevate and set a higher standard for aesthetic professionals by exchanging knowledge and initiating a conversation with and about the ever-growing aesthetic industry.

Her leadership and management approach has grown the domestic market exponentially over the years and is now influencing international markets as well. Every day, she thrives by ensuring her team and the industry are motivated, supported, and inspired to keep building momentum and actualizing their great potential.







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