Webinar: Growing a Skin Care Practice: Fact Versus Fiction

Growing a Skin Care Practice Growing a Skin Care Practice

Growing a Skin Care Practice: Fact Versus Fiction
Presented by Douglas Preston

38-year aesthetics professional Douglas Preston shares his time-tested knowledge about the realities of creating a successful skin care practice. This presentation separates business facts from common fantasies that lead many aestheticians to unnecessary career mistakes and disappointment. Preston describes how to stay positive and productive during the tough early years of a new skin care practice. Watch this well-respected career mentor for a wealth of inspiration for both the new and established aesthetician.

Meet the Presenter - Douglas Preston! 

Douglas Preston, president of Preston Beauty Professional, has a career that spans 33 years in professional aesthetics, education, and skin care career mentoring. His business articles appear in DERMASCOPE Magazine, Spa Management Journal, and others. He is a past president of Aesthetics International Association and a former committee chairman for The Day Spa Association. Preston has started and operated award-winning day spas, trains spa and skin care professionals internationally, and is a featured speaker at numerous spa and skin care trade events.

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Growing a Skin Care Practice
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