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Video: DMK Mensroom special: Mick's age concern more than skin-deep

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Describing himself as just a "typical Aussie bloke", father of two, Mick, has never looked after his skin. With past trends telling us that that's not what typical Aussie blokes do, we can't really blame him.

Until now that is. Approaching his 40's with a wife 8 years his junior who he says is "beautiful and really takes care of herself", Mick felt it was his turn to step up to the plate.

Aware of his dry skin and uneven complexion, Mick wanted something that offered real results with ease, as his current regime consisted of splashing water on his face and shaving.

"It's a totally different universe for me to lie back and have a face mask." says Mick.

With such great results, and such little disruption to his daily routine, we had to ask: would this typical Aussie bloke be brave enough to recommend a skin regime like this to his mates? "Yes definitely!", says Mick, "It's awesome. You have to give it a go."

Watch Mick's story to discover more of the benefits of Enzyme Therapy!

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