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Having been in the business longer than any other magazine in the industry, DERMASCOPE Magazine continues to be the premier resource for the spa industry. We are dedicated to empowering the skin care professional through a powerhouse of editorial content built on the pillars of skin care, body care, business, beauty, and wellness. Unlock a vast database of top resources and never miss out on industry news and updates with our 13 annual print and digital issues!



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On Demand Webinars

  • Clearing Concepts: Clogged Pores and Acne Management
  • True Causes of Acne
  • The Only Technique for Brazilian Waxing You'll Ever Need
  • Reducing and Preventing Hyperpigmentation Naturally
  • Five Figure Profits: Improving Your Daily Operation to See Greater Return
  • Protocols and Plans: The Need-to-Know for a Successful Spa Business
  • In It Alone: The Solo Aesthetician
  • Retail Revolution: How to Beat the Internet and Sell More Products
  • Growing a Skin Care Practice: Fact vs Fiction
  • Sunbelievable: A Discussion on Sun Damage, Sun Care, and Common Sunscreen Myths
  • Claims Happen: Understanding Insurance and How to Avoid Lawsuit
  • Can I or Can't I? How to Determine Your Scope of Practice
  • Get Your Wax On (And Off)!
  • Get It Together: Combining Treatments with Devices for Improved Results
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