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Great Tea Treatments

Whether it is black, red, white, green, oolong, or herbal… tea has a long standing history of soothing and comforting the mind, soul, and body. It has become common practice within spas across the globe to provide their clients with a cup of tea while they wait, relax between treatments, or at the end of a service.
Loaded with a wide range of ingredients, such as antioxidants, alpha hydroxy acid, and zinc – just to name a few, it is no wonder that tea is highly beneficial to our bodies not only through consumption but through topical use as well.

For example, green tea has been touted as a great source of relief for people suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, and dandruff. All three conditions are caused by inflammation so it is a fair assumption that the anti-inflammatory benefits from green tea would lessen the severity of the ailment. In 2007, a study published in Experimental Dermatology suggested just that when it was shown that green tea significantly lessened the severity of psoriasis in mice.
It is no wonder that skin care manufacturers are beginning to incorporate different teas into their formulations. Therefore, it should not be a surprise that tea is making an appearance into treatment rooms around the world. With that in mind, we have included several different treatments from around the country that include tea as a primary ingredient in hopes that they will inspire you with new thoughts and ideas on how to update or revitalize your service menu.


Asian Detox Bath
$80 for 45 minutes
For this bath treatment, your client will immerse themselves in a tub filled with relaxing aromatic extracts combined with certified Japanese tea. The tea will help your client's body detox and achieve its own balance.
The Spa At Willow Bend
Plano, Texas


Eshe's Green Tea Body Treatment
$120 for 75 minutes
This all natural specialty treatment uses products that are blended on site. Using a green tea sugar scrub, exfoliate the body and then allow the client to shower the scrub off. Next, wrap the client's body in detoxifying herbal soaked linens. Then, apply a custom blended mud to the body that tones and softens. Finally, finish with a moisturizing custom scented massage oil blend.
Eshe Day Spa and Salon
Chicago, Ill.


Green Tea Antioxidant Treatment
$45 for 30 minutes
The Green Tea Antioxidant Treatment is an intensely hydrating, rich in essential antioxidants treatment. For your client, this treatment tones and helps prevent wrinkles, reduces inflammation, and redness. Suitable for all skin types; this treatment is excellent for dry and environmentally damaged skin.
Koeberle's Day Spa
Parker, Colo.


Restoring Cellulite Body Treatment
$225 for 120 minutes
This treatment minimizes the appearance of cellulite and stimulates circulation. As an expansion of a Korean body scrub and oil massage treatment this treatment includes a Paraguay tea body wrap and firming massage to tone the client's body. Therapy also includes a mini facial with facial mask to purify the skin. This treatment is completed with a therapeutic scalp massage.
Tikkun Holistic Spa
Santa Monica, Calif.


Purifying Cleansing Facial
$105 for 60 minutes
If your client's are prone to break outs and oiliness… this facial is a great treatment because it deep cleans, extracts impurities, and eliminates congestion that causes breakouts. A raw wasabi and green tea extract mask that activates cellular repair is applied and finishes up this cleansing facial. Your client's skin will feel and look deeply cleansed and refreshed after this facial.
Absolute Nirvana Spa & Gardens
Santa Fe, N.M.


Chai Tea Mud Mask
$135 for 90 minutes
This treatment is excellent for detoxify the system, revitalizing the body and mind, while at the same time adding valuable nutrition to the skin. This mask starts with a spicy, aromatic herbal spice body scrub to make your client's skin smooth and more receptive. Then, your client receives an application of a chai soy mud mask that contains Colorado Indian spring clay, which is naturally high in colloidal minerals, organic soy, which is high in protein and balancing to the body, and the aromatic spices of chai tea. After the mask has dried, allow your client to rinse their body under a shower. Follow up with a massage using an herbal spice massage lotion.
SAHAR'S Salon & Day Spa
West Des Moines, Iowa


Asian Bamboo Body Cleanse
$145 for 90 minutes
An Asian body cleansing ritual begins with an invigorating exfoliating body scrub of crushed bamboo with green tea and mandarin, followed by a soothing rain shower and full body massage. In addition, this body cleanse is served with organic jasmine
green tea.
Spa 190
Mineola, N.Y.


Oma'oma'o Waiki Awapui
$110 for 50 minutes; $160 for 80 minutes
This facial is an excellent calming treatment that utilizes the benefits of seaweed extract, ginger, and soothing green tea. The aloe-based organic mask that is applied delivers vital minerals and nutrients to the skin.
Maui Spa & Wellness Center
Boca Raton, Fla.


Green Tea Detoxifying Body Treatment
$129 for 80 minutes
Does your client need to de-stress, detox, or de-puff? This refreshing remedy flushes out water retention and improves skin tone with a four-step treatment, including light exfoliation, a warming clay mask, full body wrap, and a clarifying body cream. Not recommended for pregnant women.
Bryson City, N.C.




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