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Flavor Your Menu with Full-Body Facials

Written by Courtney La Marine, L.E.

marine2Most spas currently offer facials, but more and more spas are beginning to spice up their menus with similar treatments for the body. Keep clients happy from head to toe. Learn tips for incorporating back, buttock, shoulder, arm, hand, and foot facials.



Skin care professionals now have many facial treatments to choose from and those options consistently change as the beauty industry evolves. Professionals have machines and state-of-the-art tools to combat any skin disorder. They can transform clients’ skin and give them the skin they desire. The skin is the largest organ, but the rest of the body is often overlooked. Often, if there is an imbalance inside the body, it can be manifested as a skin condition. While clients are savvy about taking care of themselves internally, professionals are able to take care of clients’ skin externally. By using the techniques they have learned to treat different areas of the body, professionals can create a complete spa experience and offer full body maintenance.


Offering body treatments to clients will expand a spa’s menu while giving clients more options for self-care. Many skin care lines have products specifically for body treatments, but professionals can also work with facial products on the body, as the results are often fantastic! Some skin care lines are now offering facial cleansers, scrubs, serums, masks, and hydrators in larger back bar sizing to accommodate such treatments. Inquiring about larger sizes for the spa’s go-to products is very worthwhile. Using facial products on the body keeps costs per treatment low and gives clients the highest quality body facial available. Skin care professionals are also able to treat a wide range of skin disorders properly and effectively. Keeping clients educated on how to care for their body is of utmost importance. Assessing the skin’s condition and giving clients a homecare regimen are necessary for any treatment. Incorporating body facials in the spa will contribute to a complete menu.


There are many different body facials to add to the menu. While any area of the body can be treated, certain areas may need more attention than others. Professionals can perform full-body treatments or focus on certain areas.


Bye-bye bacnemarine3


Back facials are currently extremely popular. While numerous people already know about this treatment, professionals might be surprised to learn how many do not know it exists. Often, just one treatment on the back is enough to bring results. When a client presents with “bacne,” a deep pore cleansing treatment and adequate hydration will usually clear it up. Start with a double cleanse, using a motorized brush for the second cleaning. Many machines or hand-held devices now have a body attachment, which helps with deep exfoliation. Always use steam to soften skin and open pores. Massaging enzymes on the back will help decongest the skin. Using a scrub will allow for easy extractions after the massage. 


The back tends to hold onto comodones if not hydrated properly. Giving a good exfoliation of the back will eliminate dead skin that clients most likely cannot reach. Be sure to exfoliate the entire back and allow the steam to cover the entire area. While performing extractions, be cautious not to use too much pressure. The back can scar almost as easily as the face. Comodone extractors can be used on the back as it lifts small blackheads with ease. Using the appropriate mask for the skin condition along with steam allows for penetra


tion and treatment of open pores. Use high frequency for troublesome areas to ensure bacteria is treated properly. Finish with a serum and hydration for the condition being treated. Typically, a back facial takes up to 60 minutes, around the same time as a traditional facial. It could take less time, depending on clients’ needs. If a client is seeking treatment for their back, the simplest treatment is hydration. Always recommend exfoliation and hydration of the entire body daily. These simple actions help tremendously with minor back acne.


Pomarine4sterior pampering


Another treatment gaining popularity is the buttock facial. There are many cute names for this type of facial, but the benefits are no joke. It treats the upper thighs, as well, which is a huge bonus, especially during beach season. Depending on the issue, these treatments can be beneficial when performed twice a month. For client comfort, offer disposable underwear. If the client is dealing with breakouts on their buttock, an exfoliation treatment is a good fit. Start with an exfoliating cleanser and include the upper thighs. Using salicylic acid or a stronger enzyme after the cleanse will be sure to eradicate bacteria and dry skin. Professionals may also choose to use microdermabrasion or a suction wand for deeper exfoliation. These treatments also help with bumps on the upper thighs. While extractions can be slightly painful in this area, do not forget this step as it will make all the difference. For a mask, a clay or mud mask is beneficial; an oxygen peel can take the treatment to another level. Clay and mud are great at pulling impurities to the surface. High frequency can be used in this treatment, as well, and is very effective for breakouts on the buttocks. Always finish with a serum and hydration tailored to clients. This treatment usually lasts around 30 minutes, so this step is a nice addition to any spa menu.


Sensational shoulders and admirable armsmarine5


Another popular treatment area is the shoulders and upper arms. The décolleté gets treated with traditional facials, but the shoulders and upper arms need attention, too! Keratosis pilaris is a common skin disorder and can be helped with a body facial. The use of a lactic or glycolic peel can reduce pesky bumps that numerous clients battle. Starting with a double cleanse, use the appropriate cleanser for the skin condition, which should be lactic- or glycolic-based, if treating keratosis pilaris. Professionals may have to move the steam around a bit to make sure all the areas get treated and having the client lie on their stomach may be easier. If keratosis pilaris is not an issue, the shoulders can be treated during a back facial, as well. Some spas include back and shoulders as one treatment and shoulders and upper arms as a separate treatment. If there is a breakout on the shoulders, perform extractions. Extractions can irritate keratosis pilaris, so it is best to exfoliate with the right product followed by hydration. Suggesting this treatment as an add-on to a back facial is a nice upgrade.


Helping hands and treating feetmarine6


Hand and foot treatments have always been available as an add-on for most spas, but peels and microdermabrasion are becoming a treatment clients want more often for this area. The hands are exposed to the sun on a regular basis and sun spots can be an issue for some people. Sun spots can be present without clients even noticing. Recommending a hand treatment to clients can minimize the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Microdermabrasion and chemical peels can be applied to both areas for a deep exfoliation. For the feet, a deep exfoliation can reduce calluses. Skin care professionals can also apply a variety of chemical peels to the feet. Since the skin is much thicker, peels, as well as microdermabrasion, can help with dehydrated skin. Most microdermabrasion machines have a body attachment that can be used on all areas of the body and is extremely effective for deep exfoliation. Using a thermal mask or paraffin wax can finish the treatment nicely. Paraffin wax has been known to help alleviate arthritis. If clients have a history of arthritis, this could be a treatment for much more than just the skin. Be sure to ask about the condition during consultation and incorporate unique massage techniques with this treatment. These two facials can last up to 30 minutes each and are great as an add-on for the menu.


Maximize that menumarine7


There are many other areas that can be treated separately from the face. Many spas offer facials for the breasts, scalp, legs, full body, and pelvis area. All of these areas deserve time and attention to keep the skin healthy. It is up to skin care professionals to educate clients, listen to their needs, and recommend a customized skin care plan. Professionals give faces so much attention; it is time to treat the body. Professionals should share their knowledge with loyal clientele and the gratitude will be never ending!


Professionals know creating and printing a new menu can be costly. There are a few ways to incorporate these treatments into the current menu. Create an entire section for body facials, starting with an introduction explaining the benefits of treating the body. Find a creative way to stress the importance of total body care. People take copious amounts of time to ensure they are treating their body right through diet, exercise, and relaxation, so it is important to be reminded about topical care. Detailing treatments from head-to-toe can be one way to lay out the menu. Some spas use cute images for different areas. Making the menu fun and attractive can help clients eliminate any embarrassment they may have about the intimate areas. Naming each treatment something witty can make all the difference. If it puts a smile on their face, they will ask about it!


Another way to incorporate body treatments into the menu is to make a menu of add-on treatments. If the spa’s menu is already established, this may be the easier way to expand the current menu. Since most professionals already have a menu, adding a separate page of body facials or add-on options is much more realistic. While most body facials are right around 30 minutes, with the exception of the back facial and full body facial, the option of an add-on treatment is likely. Starting with the front desk, have staff listen closely to what the client desires. Are they going on a vacation? Are they complaining of dry skin? Do they just need to relax? This is the best place to start; try to add a body facial as soon as they book the appointment. If professionals have the time when the client is in for their treatment, suggest an add-on at that time. If the client happens to be a regular, discuss the new options the spa has available. Clients love new and cutting-edge treatments, so professionals should be the one that brings it to them. Offering a special to start is always an option to get the ball rolling with new treatments. If they book a facial treatment, offer a 30-minute body facial at a discounted rate to introduce it. Do a monthly promotion with the emphasis on wellness for the body. Depending on what the spa offers, bring in specialty teas, supplements, or offer nutritional advice. Take a look at the bulk of the established clientele and tailor the new part of the menu, accordingly. Keep loyal clients happy and intrigued, while sparking the interest of new clients.


Body facials are not a trend. Clients want radiant skin from head to toe. By adding these treatments to the menu, professionals will improve the experience of current clients and pique the interest of new ones.


La MarineCourtney La Marine has been a licensed aesthetician since 2006 and continues to grow and learn in the skin care industry every day. She is based in Denver, Colorado and owns Clove Studios. She also currently works with Sciote Skin as their director of operations and education, creating all of their skin protocols, as well as a unique massage technique used exclusively through their line. La Marine is a result-driven professional who loves what she does, creates unique treatments for each client, and wants to give clients the skin they deserve. Staying current with new trends, innovative ingredients, and the latest technologies is of the upmost importance to her.

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