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Although most clients tend to be more concerned with facial skin, the skin on the rest of the body is equally as important and prone to many of the same conditions as the face. At the same time, the body has its own prominent concerns that require their own treatments and products.

With the exception of the neck and chest, the skin on the body is thicker than facial skin, requiring products that are specifically geared toward the thicker skin. Furthermore, the face typically has more oil than the body due to an increased number of sebaceous glands that serve to protect the thinner skin on the face.

Winter is a great time to encourage clients to try out different body treatments as the body is prone to dryness and flaking during these months, especially as people turn up their heat and take longer, hotter showers; as a result, the body becomes stripped of its natural oils. Skin care professionals should entice clients to protect and care for their body by offering winter specials on treatments that address these common concerns, such as polishing and moisturizing treatments. Professionals can also offer free samples of body moisturizers and creams to pique interest in body retail products.

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