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Baby Got Back Treatments

Written by   Amra Lear, L.E., L.M.T.

Looking into the mirror, body parallel to its reflection, the eyes target a disturbance to the integumentary system. Focused solely on the pigmented eruption that surfaced over night as the mind danced in dream and its limbs shifted by unconscious movement, the day begins with a systemic response to check for more unwarranted changes. The eyes scan both body and skin for what they can see – the face, the neck, the chest, the abdomen, the arms, the hands, the legs, the feet – twisting left to right to examine the back and glutes. The remaining areas of the skin and body are left to the owner’s imagination, deducing what possibilities linger by the unseen eyes.

cupIn a world where all angles matter and all images are captured and shared, mornings are becoming more of a toxic awakening to the central nervous system. The body is in overload, trying to not only keep up with the tasks that stands before it, but also trying to neutralize the overwhelming demand to be on display during its daily operation. If, when looking in the mirror, a change is noticed, the normal response is to fix it. For instance, for many, makeup is applied to camouflage blemishes, and thoughts of hitting the gym to get that perfect body replay often in the head.
It is not easy to be a live mannequin, stepping out of the house as a modern-day exhibit. In today’s mainstream culture, it seems bystanders watch every move. Individuals feel the pressure of keeping track of social media posts where the likes do not match the views and get a sense that people are secretly gawking at what they see. The fading of self-esteem by the evaluation of unknown peers is ever present, along with the desire to be liked. For many, the need to maintain an image of perceived beauty guides the self to navigate towards professional care.
Although many tools and skin care products are now more easily accessible than they have ever been to a consumer (thanks to the internet), there are certain areas on the skin that are not easily accessible, namely the back and the buttocks. These two powerhouses of the body that, at times, perform heavy duty tasks, have become the highlight of fashion. The trend today is overexposed skin from head to toe. What used to be exposed only by swimsuits has become centerstage in today’s fashion. With increased value placed on the size, shape, curvature, and perfect skin of the back and buttocks, garments have been adjusted to showcase them.
Open back dresses, back-strapped shirts, see-through material hugging every curvature of the hips extending down past the buttocks – these are the reasons why, upon early morning self-analysis, the mind drifts to imperfections. Peripheral vision declares that the back and fanny need to look better and seeks out a place to go to get them treated.
This interest in professional care for these two areas of the body is becoming increasingly popular. Professionals should capitalize on these trends, incorporating services tailored to the back and fanny into their menus. Although they may not book as often as the classic facial or hand and foot treatment, a potential client being turned away because they cannot find the service they are searching for is a loss for more possible future bookings from the same client in different treatments offered.

With the trends of buttock injections and buttock augmentations increasing, fanny treatments are needed to help maintain the appearance of these services. The dimpling effect some buttock injections create could be helped by treating the skin with anti-cellulite techniques. Using tools to help smooth the appearance on the skin will aid in dispersing the dimpling within the fanny. Hyperpigmentation that may be created at the injection site on the buttocks could be treated with red-light therapy and products that help to lighten dark spots within the skin. The buttock augmentations would be able to help repair the disrupted cells by treatment of red-light therapy.
Some clients may not have had any buttock injections or a buttock augmentation but would like to have a tighter and firmer fanny. There are treatments that can be designed to help those with natural fannies to achieve a more youthful appearance. There are machines that simulate a squat with two large cups. When placed on the center of the buttocks, these two large cups connected by tubing hooked up to a vacuum device, create a suction on the skin, raising the fanny into the cups. When the tissue is sucked as far as it can go inside the cups, it is released and then suctioned back into the cup. This process continues to accumulate enough suctioning on the buttocks to mimic two thousand squats – the ideal lazy person squat – no weights, no pressure on the knees or back, and, most importantly, no sweaty gym smell. Some people cannot squat with weights due to physical restrictions and this is a good alternative to receive the look without the heavy work. Some people may not have time to build up to two thousand squats and a short fanny session with the suctioning cups is the ideal alternative for them. The downside may be a sore fanny from extreme suctioning and a possible bruising appearance. As with any workout in the gym, consistency is instrumental in maintaining results. This fanny treatment would need to be repeated to keep the tighter and firmer appearance.
For those clients who do not want their derriere to be machine handled by large suctioning cups, they can receive a lifting and firming fanny facial by the hands of their aesthetician. Some companies make bust firming, volumizing, and lifting products. Using those products and performing similar treatments on the fanny can aid in a more youthful appearance.
With age, gravity becomes the skin’s enemy. With each passing year, the skin caves in to its powerful force, causing the skin to sag. To combat this, there are a number of methods available – from products to plastic surgery to even certain tools. One of those tools is electrical current. Fanny treatments can incorporate either galvanic current or microcurrent within them. This add-on to the treatment helps to target “saddlebags” – the eyesore folding over the top of the leg. The electrical current aids in lifting and firming the skin. If a water-soluble product is applied onto the skin before the current treatment, then the product penetrates a little more into the skin’s pores.
Another add-on treatment for a fanny facial would be high frequency. The mushroom argon gas-filled tube helps with the dimpling effect within the skin by creating a smoothing appearance. The high frequency also aids in penetrating products into the skin and creates collagen production within the skin for a more youthful appearance.

The fanny is the extension of the back, which means that both the back and the fanny could be treated as one during treatments or focused as singular parts. Treatments for bacne have been around for many years. Both men and women have enjoyed these treatments because not only is it relaxing, but the back is one area an individual cannot entirely treat on their own. To thoroughly cleanse and treat the skin on the back, a person needs the help of another and what better person to seek out than a licensed professional?
Most people who seek out back treatments have had active back acne in the past, currently have active back acne, or both. The skin on the back is thicker than the skin on the rest of the body, particularly the face. Thicker skin is typically a little more tolerant of product ingredients and can handle more pressure than the face. It may be more sensitive to temperature levels, however, because of the larger area being treated.
It is important to not overtreat the back during a bacne facial by being overly aggressive during extractions, leaving the skin red and irritated. Applying too much pressure during a mechanical scrub can lead to scratch marks on the back from the scrub’s granules; using a very active mask on the skin can leave skin welted and red. Just because the back has thicker skin does not mean it is not perceptible to irritation and reaction. Remember, the skin on the face is cleansed daily, if not twice. The back hardly receives the attention it deserves, due to lack of accessibility.
Since a bacne treatment is catered towards various forms of acne, there are some treatment options that could be used as an add-on. Incorporating the use of blue light therapy followed by red light therapy at the end of the treatment helps to treat bacteria in active acne and repair non-active acne and any inflammation. Spot treating bacne with sebum-controlling masks and using another mask for the healthy skin around the bacne is beneficial. When massaging the back, be mindful of tenderness in the bacne area and adjust accordingly.

Marketing for bacne and fanny treatments needs to appeal to clients’ desire to have a healthy-looking back and a tighter, firmer fanny. These treatments are designed to create a full-package appearance. Sell them together with other skin care treatments to complement the beautifying experience. Create “red carpet” bundles that will give the consumer options to select which red carpet treatments they want. If bundling treatments, always begin with the bacne or fanny treatment, followed by the facial last.
Sometimes offering trendy treatments or treatments that are not offered at other spas can be a little intimidating. It is not easy to be the spa that tries new things. It can become discouraging when the excitement fades and self-doubt sets in. Stay motivated by educating clients about these options. A fanny treatment may be too taboo for some clients and that is okay. Being able to respect the boundaries of clients is just as important as recognizing the need for clients who are searching for these bacne and fanny treatments.

The great thing about incorporating bacne facials and fanny facials is that the need for acquiring more training and products is not a great cost. Most of the products for the bacne facial are products that are already used in the facial. Adding in a couple different exfoliants for the back would be of minimal cost. Purchasing lifting, firming, and volumizing products for the fanny may cost a little more, but the cleanser, exfoliant, and toner could be the same products used for the bacne facial. Most aestheticians today have high frequency devices with their magnifying lamp and steamer units. Incorporating galvanic current and microcurrent are additional costs to consider. These are cost effective treatments because the products can be used synergistically within each treatment.

Clients come to retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life but are also seeking a gateway to social acceptance through the hands of professional providers. They often want to come in as they are and walk away a different person, with a higher perception of self-beauty. With the ever-changing demand of what is trending, spas need to keep up with the desires of clients.

Amra Lear 2014Since 1997, Amra Lear has worked as a licensed massage therapist in the spa industry. She added an additional master aesthetic license in 2005. She is trained in over 100 modalities and certified in over 30. Along with working as a dual-licensed professional, Lear helps to develop treatments and train other licensed professionals in the skills and techniques she has learned throughout the years.

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