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Boldijarre Koronczay | Aesthetician and Educator

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I have practically grown up in the aesthetics industry. I am a third generation aesthetician, with my grandmother and mother before me. At the age of 12 I helped my mother with my first eyelash tinting treatment and I have been in aesthetics ever since; enjoying the ability to make people feel good about themselves… helping them feel beautiful. Throughout my aesthetics career, I have taken on various roles in the spa industry. From a practicing aesthetician and massage therapist at day spas, resorts, and medical spas – I have worked in every environment. But in the very beginning I was the rookie working at reception and doing all those glorious janitorial duties like cleaning washrooms, sweeping hair, and handing out towels. All of these different roles have had a significant impact on my professional career. Each experience has taught me a different aspect of the industry and I’ve had the chance to personally experience all the pros and cons of each role in each environment. Working my way up through the industry this way helped me respect every layer of employment at spas, from the cleaning crew to spa director. Every time I visit a spa I greet everyone and chat with all of the employees as I understand and appreciate how every role contributes to that spa’s success. I don’t have any regrets! I have learned from all of my experiences and believe that there are no mistakes, just opportunities to grow and learn. I believe that clients come to a spa for the specialization and unique experience it offers – as well as the knowledge base and customer service which builds trust and loyal customers. I always say, don’t treat clients the way you want to be treated, treat them better. The spas, salons, and clinics that stay true to their focused expertise and vision are the ones that set themselves apart from the rest. As a manufacturer, distributor, educator, and skin care company owner I keep my life in balance by the fact that I actually, truly love what I do. So I don’t feel like I’m working when I do what I do 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I feel fulfilled by my work in helping industry professionals be better at what they do and know that I am helping hundreds of thousands of people as an end result.

How long have you been in the aesthetics industry? Why did you choose aesthetics as a career? Continued…

Another passion of mine is educating people on the healthiest options available in the spa and aesthetics industry, which goes back to my childhood as well. I was diagnosed with leukemia at a young age and my family nursed me back to health with natural products and healthy organic nutrition. Since then I have been extremely health conscious and have a different appreciation for maintaining that focus in life.

Over the years, there has been an increase in the desire for organically formulated products. What would you list as the benefits someone would receive for switching to an organic skin care line?

There is a demand for organic skin care, clients are seeking it out. If you don’t have organic products in your menu selection you actually exclude a large portion of the population from your range of clients. According to recent surveys, given the option of an environmentally friendly or green spa or service 60 percent of people would choose that over ones that weren’t. And 40 percent of that group said they would be willing to pay a premium for those services and products.  Offering organic and green options for your clients is the right choice and the smart choice – which will maximize your business potential to the fullest. Plus, you’ll have that edge over your competitors by providing clients results in a healthy way, without side effects.

Éminence has devised some remarkable marketing campaigns throughout the years. What advice would you give to a company/spa that is looking to increase their visibility?

Focus on one thing and one thing only that really represents the profile of your spa. Don’t try to be the jack of all trades. If your expertise is massage and acupressure, don’t offer Botox and laser hair removal. Stand out with your unique perspective. Another piece of advice would be to add value to your services rather than discounting. Don’t train your clients to become bargain hunters, instead show them the value of your services and spa experience.

Has there been a constant theme that has led you from one point to the next throughout your training and career? (i.e. asking questions, reading certain material, et cetera)

Yes, to always better myself. My grandmother and mother both taught me a very important lesson at an early age that there should never be an end to learning. I continue to take every course and class possible and look for ways to learn from others in the industry as well. As soon as you believe you know everything, you get left behind and lose forward sight and inspiration. I travel abroad extensively, from Japan and Australia to Europe and beyond – collecting the best ideas and techniques in the industry from around the world. Plus I have taken classes on acupressure, permanent makeup, indigenous massage techniques, pre- and post-surgical treatments and more just to learn as much about our industry as possible. Even when I teach, I look for ways to learn from the audience.

What has surprised you most during your professional journey?

The openness and positivity of North American spa professionals has been the most incredible thing. There is a positive attitude here and a hunger to learn which is inspiring. They welcomed me from Hungary with open arms and have shown great kindness and support throughout the years.

Boldijarre Koronczay’s suggestions on how an aesthetician can become an inspiration to their clients:

Create a guestbook and encourage clients to write comments, especially when they mention how wonderful the experience was and place the book in the waiting area so other clients can read through it – respect and appreciation will go through the roof. Frame any positive PR you receive and put them up on your walls. Talk less, ask more. Never be boring – constantly switch up your services for something fresh. Offer clients options during treatments and at retail purchases to put them in charge of their experience. Always be confident. And always portray a busy and successful image of your spa. The image of success… creates success.

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