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Tools of the Trade: Cellulite

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 Trendsetters give insight on the tools they recommend
for treating cellulite.


Institut Esthederm Head of Education


Manon Proulx


Intensive Glauscine serum is my new ally of choice against rebellious cellulite, thanks to its ultra-effective action. This serum has a record concentration of active ingredients for water retention-induced cellulite. Only after a few days of application, I really feel a difference, both on my dimples that have been visibly reduced, and my heavy-leg sensation that completely disappeared. This one-month renewable program can also be associated with treatments in beauty institutes in order to increase the results in long-established cellulite.”


RD Management Corporation President and CEO

Dar Reiss-Depp

“Love Sculpt Silhouette! You really feel the thermal action – it works! As we know, slimming is nothing without firming, too, so this multi-function product acts on all these issues. Matis uses an Acti-slim complex combined with caffeine and active ingredients that mimic the action of physical exercise. 81 percent the skin is firmer and 73 percent the cellulite areas are smoothed – amazing! Use it morning and evening and massage it a bit to feel the warming action.”


Spa Revolutions Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development

Kristin Sartore

Lava Shells are an incredibly versatile massage that offer continuous heat for up to an hour and allows therapists the opportunity to deliver a seamless, heated massage. Personally, I love the shells as a massage implement, not only for their heat longevity, but for their unique anatomy. A briskly paced deep tissue massage is easily achievable, making an anti-cellulite protocol much more comfortable for the therapist. I value the freedoms that Lava Shells present to therapists – mobile treatments – more hands-on time with the guest, as well as a non-porous tool that is more sanitary than traditional hot stones.”



Thalgo USA Educator and PR Specialist

Susan Daniels

Thalgo Expert Correction for Stubborn Cellulite is my new go-to firming and toning product. After using it for just two weeks, I began to see a visible improvement. My skin was hydrated, smoother, and the orange peel effect was diminishing. I have tried other creams designed to target localized cellulite but my skin was resistant. Thalgo Expert Correction has a fresh and lightly floral scent and the gel absorbs quickly with a dry finish so I can get dressed immediately.”


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Tools of the Trade