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Tools of the Trade: Treating Aging Skin.

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 Trendsetters share insights on the tools they recommend for treating aging skin.


TOTT7EWellnessFounder of 7E Wellness Corporation


Pooja Johari


“I believe that skin is a reflection of inner health and well-being. Combining Myocalme and Myolift Ultra microcurrent technologies, you can get a holistic approach to your facial services. It will deliver a power dose of energy to the skin cells and muscle tissue while reducing stress and bringing hormonal balance. This is the most effective and long-lasting anti-aging treatment with visible results that you can notice on your client’s skin.”





TOTTBellaFounder of Bella Schneider Beauty



Bella Schneider


"Beauty globes transform any facial service by increasing penetration of eye treatments , serums, and ampules! Their cooling effect soothes client skin while they improve lymphatic flow, collagen and pore size. In combination with massage, they create a supremely relaxing facial experience.”









Director of Marketing Innovation and Education at CBI Laboratories, Inc.


Melanie Timms


“Our latest anti-aging innovation, Urban Anti-Pollution Essence, is a first-of-its-kind skin treatment that bathes skin in refreshing, water-like hydration while delivering the highest concentration of anti-pollution ingredients. We selected a unique macroalgae to help fight the effects of air pollution, while including a marigold derived, lutein-rich isolate to help filter exposure from blue light-emitting electronic devices. The result is visibly rejuvenated and more radiant-looking skin.”








Director of Education and Training at ECHO2Plus


Yona Lapin


“The Oxygen Concentrator Generation 2.0 by ECHO2Plus only improves upon the original. With some updated components, this updated unit generates a stronger mist of pure oxygen molecules, infused with our signature Activator product, along with vitamins A, C, and E. The Oxygen Outlet has been relocated, making it easier than ever to attach the oxygen tubing. The new, recessed handle makes it easier to move the Oxygen Concentrator Generation 2.0 between multiple treatment rooms. I cannot recommend it enough.”



TOTTGloDirector of Brand Development at Glo Skin Beauty


Anna De La Cruz, L.E.


“I am a skin therapist, educator, and product developer – but I am a client first. I completely understand the concept of wanting it all: healthy habits for age prevention while also balancing things like excess oil, breakouts, and sensitivity. Thankfully, I have our Daily Power C. Featuring three vitamin C ingredients, this lightweight, antioxidant serum provides the preventative, age-fighting benefits I am seeking, like strengthening, brightening, and protecting, while being suitable for my reactive, oily skin.”





TOTTThermoclearVisionary of ThermoClear USA



Lorenzo Kunze


“In my 45 years in the aesthetic medical profession, there has not been another piece of equipment that can be used every day, on so many different procedures, and with such a high percentage of client satisfaction. The ThermoCLEAR is safe, fast, and effective in treating epidermal skin imperfections. Most treatments take one time to complete, with minimal downtime and very little discomfort. With ThermoClear USA company adding a lifetime warranty and LMH-RF technology, it should make this unit No. 1 on every aestheticians list.”









Public Relations Manager at ROCASUBA, Inc.


Ilyssa Gold


“I love the RapidEye™ Firming Wrinkle Smoother – I use it on my undereye area in the mornings and before I go to bed. The formula contains peptides, sodium hyaluronate, and retinol to deliver long-term, firming, smoothing, and uplifting benefits. It also instantly hydrates and nourishes my skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and relaxed!”








In-house Licensed Aesthetician at Vivant Skin Care


Maryanne Goodman, L.E.


“Resurface and restore radiance with Vivant Skin Care’s Derm-A-Gel® Daily Vitamin A. This patented, lightweight formula boosts cellular metabolism, reduces fine lines, promotes even skin tone, and clears blemishes while strengthening skin structure. This is an A-list product ideal for rejuvenation and targeting acne, sun-damaged, dull, or uneven skin tone, age spots, and wrinkles.”

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Tools of the Trade