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What tips do you have for upselling product?

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"I prefer to educate my clients on the benefits of the product so they understand how it will help them and encourage healthy skin. Educating clients always works out better than pushing products on them that they do not feel they need or want." --Rebecca Wilcox, owner of SkinBliss Medi Spa

"Be sure that clients are aware of the product's benefits. When a client does not know how a specific product works, they can experience a number of 'unexpected' side effects. I always recommend two or three different products that would offer numerous benefits to the client's specific skin concerns."  --Melissa Evans, Manager at Serenity Day Spa

"I ask first-time clients to bring in their current homecare products. We review them together and find out what works and what does not. I ask questions during the consultation and facial and I listen to their needs. At the end, I offer products that I know will complement their current skin care routine and fit their specific skin needs."  --Samantha Dench, aesthetician at Skin Deep

"I simply educate my clients and recommend helpful products. People always have something they do not like about their skin and want to improve. While the client is in a facial service, I explain to them why I believe they will like a certain product, what the product does, and its active ingredients. While I am applying it to their face, I also let them feel and smell some products on the back of their hand. Sometimes, I even give them a sample to try for two to three days at home. They almost always return and buy the sampled product. I used to be uneasy about selling, but after 10 years as an aesthetician, I believe clients truly value our advice. Clients respect when your recommendation makes clear how the product will benefit and improve their skin."  --Erin Clausen, owner of Belle en Vie Salon & Day Spa

"It is all about listening and asking the right questions. Selling is a lot like a successful matchmaking service. The more you know about your client's needs, wants, and likes, the better you can match them up with the right product. It takes effort to get to know someone, but the reward for making a customer happy and finding the perfect solution is what makes it all worth it."  --Elizabeth Coglianese, education director at Global Skin Inc

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