What tips do you have for staying calm with difficult clients?

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"Never stop smiling! Look them in the eye and say, 'What can I do to make the situation better?' Be sincere and keep smiling. It is pretty hard for a difficult client to remain angry when you are smiling at them and truly being sincere. I find that most unhappy clients just need to vent and really want someone to sincerely listen to their concern." -- Marge Daidone, instructor and coordinator at Lorain County JVS Adult Career Center

"I always try to have sympathy for them, but still focus on keeping my attitude positive. Sometimes I say, 'Let's do a quiet treatment today, with you concentrating on my movements. This concentration will put the rhythm back into your life. I can count softly, if you wish, or you can mentally count.' If the client says no, I still try to be rhythmic, performing the treatment in smooth, recurring movements. The result is a calmed, sleeping client who awakens in a better mood." -- Janet McCormick, co-founder of Nailcare-Academy

"When servicing a difficult client, I talk less and listen more. If possible, I will add in a complimentary eye treatment to help make their experience even better. I never know what challenges someone is facing in their life and do not want to add to their struggle." -- Tracey Coleman, account manager for DermaMed Solutions

"I keep an aromatherapy diffuser by the front door of my spa that promotes peaceful and calming emotions. If the client has a history of being particularly difficult, I use touch therapy, smile, and give them a hug as soon as they arrive. The best thing to do with a difficult client is to be patient and professional." -- Lupe Guthrie, aesthetician at Therapeutic Skin Care

"When a client is being difficult in the treatment room, I cover their eyes, leave the room, and do push-ups against the wall. I aim to slow my breathing and even inhale lavender if needed. When I re-enter the room, I treat the client like royalty throughout the rest of the treatment. At that point, I know I have done all I can do to make them feel good about being there; the rest is up to them." -- Brenda Romanow, owner and aesthetician at Desired Image Skin Care Clinic

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