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Wednesday, 19 October 2016 10:44

What tips do you have for keeping the spa clean?

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I think the greatest tip is to schedule time to clean, disinfect, and organize. A client should feel as though they are walking into opening day every time they visit the spa. I have noticed that this process also allows me to be more efficient as I am more relaxed and organized with my services.--Richard Merrill-Rivas, aesthetician and educator at Richard Merrill-Rivas

The trick is having a systematic approach to cleaning and timing. During my facials, I clean as I go. After the mask is applied, I wipe down products, clean tools with soap and water, and fill out my product recommendation form. At the end of the facial, I schedule 15 minutes between clients to disinfect the bed and counters. I have a container for items that need to be disinfected and keep enough tools on hand for a day's worth of work. At the end of the day, I disinfect everything and wash the linens, a process that is also scheduled into my day.--Karen Michaels, founder of Karen's Day Spa

I find that having the spa area already clean and tidy makes people want to keep it that way. My girls are always tidying up things because they want to keep the area the way it looks when they arrived.--Lisanne Wilcox, director for NAPPA at Alexandria Professional

The best advice I have is to clean every day after every service. Keep cleaning supplies hidden away in cabinets so everything is accessible. Look at the treatment room as a client would. Be sure each therapist understands that the service is not complete and their job is not done until the treatment room is pristine. I encourage my therapists to scrutinize one another's rooms to be sure nothing is forgotten. I also hire an individual to come in on Sundays to do a thorough cleaning of the spa. The value of cleanliness far surpasses the money spent!--Pamela Campbell, owner of Genesis Day Spa & Wellness

Every day, everyone in the spa should be sure that each treatment room is spotless before and after each client has been treated. Cleaning as you go is my way of keeping everything neat, sterilized, and tidy. As soon as you are finished with any instrument, it should be sterilized straight away and should not sit out until after the treatment is complete. As soon as I am finished using a product, it immediately goes back to the dispensary. Not many things are sitting around waiting to go back to where they belong at the end of a treatment. When a client is under steam, having their mask set for a facial, or waiting for their nails to dry, professionals can get cleaning done.--Melanie Bains, medical aesthetician at Body Benefits Day Spa

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