What tips do you have for conducting a successful interview?

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"Being prepared almost always translates to success. I always have a list of questions and a copy of the candidate's resume in the room with me. I also like to thoroughly read their resume beforehand and try to tailor the questions I ask to their previous job or school experience. I always try to be as prepared as possible with my answers as well; it is important for me to have a salary in mind and know the particulars of their job duties. Being prepared with both my questions and my answers shows the candidate that my spa is professional and organized." Makenna Jones, owner of Awe Spa 200

"My interviews are always successful if I make the interviewee feel as comfortable as possible. While I do not want the atmosphere to be too informal, it is important to develop rapport. I usually try to find mutual interests and briefly discuss that topic with them. The interviewee instantly feels more relaxed and is more likely to be themselves if they feel like they have an
ally on the other side of the desk". Abigail Wagner, managing aesthetician at Beyond the Daze Spa and Salon

"One of the most important aspects of a successful interview is remembering to make the interview all about the interviewee. The best thing an interviewer can do is let the candidate do the talking when the time comes. I try to only ask open-ended questions in order to get them to open up and elucidate. I am there to learn about them and the best way to do that is to stop talking and listen." Serena Martinez, owner of Fates Day Spa

"Hiring someone is really about making sure the company is the right fit for them. I spend the first half of the interview talking about the company, job responsibilities, atmosphere, and expectations for the employee. This gives them a chance to listen, absorb, and relax. I ask them if they have any questions for me, which lets their guard down and gets them talking without feeling so nervous. Afterwards, I conduct a normal interview with questions about their past employment, education, and availability. This interview method has always been successful for me and my team." Allison Strickland, owner of Harmonious Day Spa

"Take notes! When interviewing multiple candidates in one day, jotting down notes while they talk becomes very important. No matter how great an interview goes, I cannot truly consider it a success if I am not able to remember what they said and how they responded to my questions." Vanessa Rodino, owner and manager of Design Medical Spa

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