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What tips do you have for balancing work and personal time?

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“It has been helpful to me to keep an 8:30 to 5:30 timeframe, Monday through Saturday, for my business. Outside of this is purely personal time and I try my best to stick to it.”
Virginia Anderson, clinical aesthetician at VNA Skincare, Inc.

“I recently heard a speaker say that we don’t ‘balance’ work and personal life; we ‘blend’ it, and that blend constantly changes.
For me, the blend is not a good mix when I feel depleted at the end of my work day. Other days, I walk out and feel energized by the connections I have made with guests. As nurturing people, we have to be aware of those feelings and take action to keep the blend working, or our guests will feel the negative energy and seek services elsewhere.”
Jeannie M. Bush, former owner of Amenity Electrolysis, LLC

“I only work while my kiddos are in school, which is three days a week and the first Saturday of each month. Not only does this open me up for family and personal time, but it also keeps me busy while at work. Also, I am not getting overworked and worn out!”
Stephanie Cirrito, owner and aesthetician at Derma Gal

“In New Jersey, balance does not exist. It is more about harmony. Work hard play hard, which really means, take it when you can get it and make the most of it!”
Lora Condon, aesthetician at The Beauty Buster

“I try not to multi-task. The more things I try to do at one time, the more things begin to become unbalanced. I begin slacking off while in the office or taking work home when I should be spending time with family. Instead, I solely focus on one thing at a time before moving to the next agenda.”
Alex Malpas, office manager at Spa 51

“I feel like the more rested I am, the happier and energized I am during the day. On top of adequate sleep, I also try to eat healthy and exercise regularly. I really think these little things help me be more productive during the day, which means I finish my work early and can head home to my kids.”
Angela Wanner, aesthetician at Dolce Lusso

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