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What’s your trick to help clients get past their skin care misconceptions?

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“It begins with consultations focused specifically on the client’s individual lifestyles and concerns. Educating the client on product ingredients, helpful hints and tricks, proper home care is essential. They can always contact me if they have any questions. Building, gaining and keeping my client’s trust is a must in order to have success - not only as a professional but most importantly, for the client.”
Amy E. Square, licensed managing aesthetician at Mona Lisa Salon & Spa

“When it comes to helping my clients get past their misconceptions about skin care, I ask what the biggest concern is, how they’re treating it, and if they’ve seen an improvement. Then I give my expert opinion on how they can improve their regimen.”
Christen Alvarez, medical spa aesthetic director at MD Laser Skin Care

“My trick? Education, education, education! Knowledge is power!”
Brooke Kennedy, owner of Esthetician Bliss by Brooke Skin Care

“When it comes to receiving a facial, it is not the cause for a breakout afterwards. Consumers need to understand that a facial will bring out any impurities lurking under the skin and within a few days, your skin will be that healthy skin you were desiring.”
Amra Lear, L.M.E., L.E., skin advocate for Skinification

At Urban Waxx, we put every guest at ease by being incredibly knowledgeable about waxing! New guests call every day feeling nervous about the process, and it is our goal to answer all of their questions, educate them, and get them excited about their service. The more they know, the better they feel!”
Shannon Conley, L.E., owner of Urban Waxx

“This is what I tell my clients: If you LOVE your skin, then you need to take care of it and she will love you back. A skin care regimen will help in maintaining your skin and improve your skin based on your needs. If you want your skin to age slower then you have to do your homework and results will follow.”
Wawrzynski Elena, DERMASCOPE Facebook Fan

“I share from my personal experience or I share real cases of past clients who benefitted from a more refined skin care regimen.”
Gina Charles, D.O., family medicine physician and owner of Makeup by Dr. G


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