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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 16:56

What incentives do you offer past clients for their return to your spa?

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“If more than a year has passed since we have seen the client, we send a card explaining a new service and offer them to bring a friend to have the new treatment with them. The charge for both treatments will be $10 more than the charge for one treatment. We get a new client and get a past client returned to us.”
Jan Heinrich, president at Set-N-Me-Free

“Be direct. I would simply ask them what I could do to assist or incentivize them to return.”
Greg Serrault, CEO of Instantly Ageless

“I like to offer a good price on a series of three treatments. Most new clients have come in on a voucher and they are excited to come back in with such a special. It also binds them into coming back multiple times.”
Paulette Banoza, aesthetician and owner at Efectiv Skin Care Salon

“Always give them a reason to come back! We have to develop the art of listening; educate and present the program you can offer to immediately meet that need. By listening we learn what the client’s immediate needs are, then educate how and why you can accomplish that need and then provide the exact program they need coming to you. Always include one impact product for a must have now and a little service gift with booking the next vital service before they leave!”
Bonnie Canavino, president of Raw Skin Care/Red Cherry Group

“We offer clients who haven’t been in six months $50 off of their next service; they are automatically sent an e-mail every six months.”
Jennifer Calabrese, managing director at Winter Park Laser & Anti-Aging Center

“I offer my clients a discount on one signature treatment with the purchase of a separate treatment. This allows them to have a reason to come back to the spa and try many of our new services. It also gives me the opportunity to re-establish my relationship with the client and work toward building a happy, loyal customer.”
Brittany Miller, owner and licensed aesthetician at In Your Skin Spa and Salon

“I have members of my staff send out personalized We Miss You cards to clients that have not visited the spa in a while. The cards emphasize their busy, stressful lives and allow us to reel clients back in by offering 20 percent off of any of our signature treatments.”
Andrea Ricard, manager at DreamSpa

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