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How do you use social media to advertise your business?

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“It's not a matter of advertising per se outside of Facebook advertisements and LinkedIn. As part of your strategy, you need to work on the platforms that are best suited for your audience and build relationships from there! That's where the real value is!”
Cadi Jordan, queen consultant/owner of Jordan Consulting

“The Spa Simply Skin uses social media by inspiring and enlightening our community with information and specials to get them on their path to relaxation and wellness.”
Elena Morelli, owner of The Spa Simply Skin

“So far, the spa fan page works little for us; however, my personal page has done wonders for my business. People prefer to hear things directly from me. Sometimes all I have to do is check in at the spa and I'm booked within an hour or so. When it comes to Twitter, I've gotten really good press by reaching out to beauty editors online.”
Enrique Ramirez, owner of face to face nyc - day spa

"I share on Facebook and post pictures of the spa on Instagram. People usually share our posts with their friends and it helps boost our website and Facebook page views. Overall, we share beauty tips on our Facebook page or specials we are running. I think it works fantastically.”
Gregory Coltren, head esthetician/massage therapist of Syeni Salon & Spa

“Social media is a great tool to spread the word about my work, but it’s also the place where I can find out the needs and desires of my audience. Gathering all of that data, I can create the kind of content that my audience will find useful. If I’m a bit more creative, there is a big chance that it will be shared across multiple social media accounts. It can be commented on and linked to from other websites; so it satisfies my audience and it receives the love it deserves. It’s a win-win situation. Having a large number of followers is a great credibility metric, but I don't rush to increase the number of my followers. That’s an important goal to achieve, but not one of the first stages of growing my online business. I focus mainly on figuring out the influencers in my niche and strengthening my relationship with them. I do this by posting valuable post. I talk less about me and more about them. The numbers grow slowly, but naturally. This is how I envision growing my business. Social media helps a lot if you use it right.”
Ion Doaga, creator and writer of Massage Dreams

“First I write articles about the skin care interests that are most critical to clients. This is most often culled through the conversations I have while in service. Once the article is posted on my own website, I use Twitter and LinkedIn to repost and engage conversation to drive more traffic. This, in turn, advertises my business and services.”
Linda Harding-Bond, president of Moontide Consulting

“Social media allows us to provide information and feedback on a real time basis to potential customers. We can answer their questions via social media and then direct them to one of our consultants to recommend the proper treatment. Social media is not a short-term fix but does provide an excellent platform to communicate directly to thousands of potential customers. By providing informative content and actively engaging our fans and followers, we have been able to convert many to satisfied customers. It has been an excellent tool to communicate the value of our services by sharing the experiences of our current customers. For example, we recently posted a testimonial video on YouTube of a 14 year old girl who had her physical and social life transformed after she had our BBL acne treatment. This video received thousands of views and excellent feedback in a matter of days. Current clients have been able to express their satisfaction with our level of service and use our social media outlets to recommend us to their friends.”
Louis Silberman, founder and president of National Laser Institute

“Tweetaways are very effective in acquiring new followers and getting people to retweet your message and click through to your website. Using hashtags are also key to tying your content into a subject or conversational thread on Twitter.”
Michael Mut, business development specialist for Vivant Skin Care

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