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How do you turn a grouchy client into a loyal client?

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“Sometimes I just come right out and ask them if they are having a bad day. Many times they will tell the reason they are grouchy, then they feel bad they unloaded all that drama. I assure them that is what we are here for and we both feel better. If that does not work, I keep holy water on hand and put it on their forehead and say a prayer for both of us!”
Lora Condon, aesthetician at The Beauty Buster

“First, remember that any feedback, even if the feedback is about being unhappy with service or product, is an opportunity for improvement. The client is giving you the opportunity to make a correction, rather than quietly walking away and never returning. First and foremost, always apologize for their disappointment and reiterate you truly appreciate the feedback. Now make a correction. It is plain and simple, we want our patients to love their results.”
Lora Kassaros, certified aesthetic consultant at Dermatique Medical Spa

“Most grouchy clients are looking for someone to make their day better. That is what the essence of our job is as skin care, health, and wellness professionals: to make our clients lives better. Our job is about hospitality. Let your client know you are happy to be there to take care of them. Second, ask them how they are you doing. Tell them it is nice to see them. You will possibly be the first positive force they encounter for the day. They will be primed to have a perfect treatment and know that beyond a great service and results, you are a person that really cares about them.”
Antonia Schreiber, owner of The Windham Spa

“When it comes to dealing with the not so pleasant, I keep my eye on the prize. That prize is what the client needs at the moment. I have treated the worst case client with the utmost respect, thank you note, and follow-up call that they usually feel silly and invest back tenfold through referrals, repeat visits, and product purchases.”
Nora Halloway, owner of Holistic Solutions

“Turn on the sweetness and crank up that smile! These clients are in need of some TLC and that is what I specialize in. I love to watch the transformation from grouchy to happy and relaxed. There is nothing more rewarding than watching them leave with a smile.”
Debbie Markiewicz, owner of Tranquility Skin Spa

“Many cranky clients are irritated by very simple, easily correctable things like getting a confirmation call, prices increasing without notice or no place to hang their purse during the service. Listening to your client and really understanding the issue is often all that is necessary. Once the client knows that you honestly value what they say and will be willing to take action to help correct the irritation is the easiest step to earning a client’s loyalty. And of course, a consistently spectacular service will usually tame even the crankiest client.”
Pamela Jeschonek, founder of EyebrowMBA

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