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How do you practice what you preach?

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“I practice what I preach by leading by example. If I have an employee that is uncomfortable with retail, I take the time to role-play with them so that they can have a better understanding of the situation. It would be easy for me to just tell my employees what to do, but I prefer to show them.”
Rebekah Davis, owner of Touch and Comfort Spa

“I like to practice what I preach by offering discounts on sunscreens and sunless tanning products during the summer and winter respectively. Because I am always encouraging clients to practice safe sun care, I like to give them an incentive to actually do so.”
Katie Lindemann, owner of Going Natural Spa and Salon

“I always emphasize sanitation because nothing makes a client feel more comfortable than seeing a clean room and work space. I try to practice what I preach by consistently going over safety regulations with the aestheticians. Everyone has a cleaning duty at the spa, including me!”
Justine Moore, manager at Everyday Beauty Spa and Nail Salon

“My spa has its own product line, so I practice what I preach by using our products consistently. If any product comes through the spa, I am either using it or have used it in the past. I would never recommend or urge anyone to try a product that I have not already used and approved. This also helps to inspire confidence within my clients.”
Sydney Geard, aesthetician at Good Looks Spa and Massage

“The one thing I always preach about in my spa is the connection between nutrition and the skin and drinking plenty of water. I practice that by staying fit myself and watching what I eat. I also offer clients fruits and healthy snacks while they wait for their treatment.”
Carly Smith, head aesthetician at Fit Skin Spa

“Nothing is more important to me than education. I practice what I preach by paying for my employees to take continuing education courses and seminars. This knowledge is not only great for them and their careers, but also translates to better service at the spa. I also try to go to as many of these classes as I can.”
Alexander Wolfe, owner of Indoor Paradise Medispa

“As an aesthetic instructor, this concept is so important. I have to live the part I portray to students as a professional. I have to be able to communicate and get an education across to them with both words and actions.”
Gloria Prince, educator at North Central Texas College

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