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How do you handle the pressure of a demanding client?

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"Listen. Stay neutral. Respectfully repeat the situation as you understand it. Discuss options for resolution."
Norma Hughes, spa director of T Spa at the Tulalip resort

"Most demanding clients are really people that just want to be listened to and understood. It's easy to win them over by taking charge of the relationship by listening to them carefully, explaining what you will do for them, and not assuming a defensive posture. I have had many of these clients over the years and, in each case, I won them over with a pro-active (more assertive) approach to serving them. Still, in the extreme it may be necessary for you to simply explain that you don't feel that you can satisfy her needs and perhaps he/she would be happier searching for a different skin care professional. Oftentimes, the client will change their behavior and become more accommodating. Showing that you care and not pulling away from the demanding client is the best way to turn a difficult person into a cooperative one."
Douglas Preston, president of Preston Esthetics and Consulting

"Try to meet the standard. If the demand is not fair to the services that I offer, then I deny the request. Afterwards, I revise my skills and sometimes try to add a new one. The most important thing to remember is to be passionate and to do your best. The truth is: You can never satisfy absolutely everybody. So, do not overwhelm yourself."
Svetlana Sharapova, owner of A-Skin Care Salon

"All customers should be treated with the utmost respect and appeased as needed.... If the client is a regular customer who comes in and requires constant attention and is willing to pay well and buy high end services, she will be catered to and treated like a queen. If she is a customer who spends minimal money, monthly and does not tip well but expects the world, I would ask her to find another spa."
Brenda Henry, M.A., Henry & Associates

"Sometimes I think the demand is simply frustration with the client's own skin. I sit with them and develop a clear plan with an end goal.... I think it's important that they understand what is bothering them about their skin and work to accomplish their goal. I find communication is the best remedy."
Ellen Delaney, aesthetician and owner of A New Spirit Aesthetics

"I don't focus on the bad client or the negative behavior. I place more attention on putting my best efforts and energy toward my great clients!"
Linda Ruberto, owner of Star Brows


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